Rabbi: the Jews of Europe is growing due to terrorism

© Photo : photo provided by press service of chief Rabbi of Masquerain Pinchas GoldschmidtRabbi: the Jews of Europe is growing due to terrorism© Photo : photo provided by press service of the chief Rabbi of Moscow

European Jews see changes for the better security of their communities and institutions through increased joint anti-terrorism efforts of the countries of the Old world, told RIA Novosti President of the rabbinical Council of Europe, the chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt.

After large-scale terrorist attacks in recent years in the region, he said, departed from expressed in past opinions that threat, they say, directed mainly against the Jews, and «Jews are rich enough to provide for their own security».

«For many years, when was the attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, the supermarket in Paris, a synagogue in Copenhagen, Jewish Museum in Brussels was believed that this «Jewish problem.» But after the attacks in nice, Paris, at a Christmas fair in Berlin, the Europeans realized that this is not a «Jewish problem», this is the main problem of Europe today», — said the Agency interlocutor.

«There are several ways to ensure security: either you preserve every object, you can put a tank in every Cathedral or synagogue, or are you going to deal with potential terrorists, and they will be under the supervision. Thus, the attacks can be stopped before they are implemented. Now in Europe became hard to do», he added.

Goldschmidt recalled that the European Union was originally created as an economic Association, in which the policy was assigned a second role, and security — only a third than for a long time was used by the terrorists.

«The Schengen area — what does that mean? Create a super-state with the ability to move freely. For example, the terrorist could travel from Brussels to Paris in 75 minutes, and blow up what they want. But if the Paris police want to interrogate a potential terrorist, to issue from Brussels to Paris, we had to go through three courts, and it is about a year in time. This has changed in the last year and a half. Today it takes ten days. All the intelligence agencies of Europe began to work together,» he leads by example.

While agreeing that the security of their schools and synagogues from «hooligans and thieves» communities must do themselves, he emphasizes that the question of protection against terrorism it is necessary to address to the governments.

«The citizen in itself cannot defend itself against terrorism, there’s got to connect the state. If there is a contingent of citizens who are more likely to run the risk of becoming a victim of terrorism, then the state has to deal with this threat and find a solution. For example, the Swiss position was (it has changed) that, say, Jews are rich enough to provide for their own security. I think this is wrong,» he said.

The main sources of threat in Europe, a spokesman calls the Islamists and right-wing radicals like — minded arrow, killed a month ago, 11 people in the synagogue of the American Pittsburgh.

«But there’s a difference between Europe and the United States — the first and second amendments to the us Constitution. The first allows for absolute freedom of speech. Most Nazi websites are registered in the US, because there is not a violation of the law. If someone will make a web site, for example, in Austria, he was immediately jailed. The second amendment — the freedom of buying weapons. Access to weapons, which is today in the US, is much freer than in Europe,» Goldschmidt speculates about the likelihood of the recurrence of the Pittsburgh tragedy in the Old world.

He headed the rabbinical Council of Europe this week gathered in Israel, where he held a conference and met with the country’s leadership, including President Reuven Rivlin, speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein, Minister of education and relations with the Diaspora Naftali Bennett, the outgoing mayor of Jerusalem, NIR Barkat the.