Slovak Eustream is ready to cooperate on «Turkish stream»

© Photo : «Turkish stream»Symbolic weld of the Turkish stream. Archive photoSlovak Eustream is ready to cooperate on «Turkish stream»© Photo : «Turkish stream»

Slovak gas operator Eustream is open for new collaborations, the company said Thursday in response to the request of RIA Novosti about the attitude to the idea of building a second branch of the gas pipeline «Turkish stream» with its passage through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Earlier on Thursday the newspaper «Kommersant» published a report that gas supplies in the framework of the project «Turkish stream» can go through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia. Published in October-November materials the gas transport operators in these countries under a reservation of future capacity (open season) that «Gazprom» has chosen the route of gas supplies to Europe via the second line of the «Turkish flow» through them.

In response to the request of the Agency about his attitude to this project, Eustream announced that is open for new cooperation. «I can confirm that the Slovak-Hungarian connection (of gas – ed.) is fully operational and ready for further development, and we are able to offer sufficient capacity for all possible queries,» said RIA Novosti the representative of Eustream Pavol Kubik.

Previously the Slovak network edition vEnergetike reported that annual throughput capacity of the constructed three years ago, the Slovak-Hungarian gas pipeline is 4.5 billion cubic meters in the direction from Slovakia to Hungary and 1.8 billion cubic meters in the opposite direction. But until now, this pipeline was used to a very limited degree and rather was seen as a fallback in case of problems with fuel supply in traditional areas.

In addition, this year construction began on a pipeline connecting the gas network of the Slovak Republic and Poland. Its completion is scheduled for 2022, after which there will be a new opportunity for delivery of fuel, including liquefied natural gas, from the North continent to the countries of Central Europe.