The Czech Parliament will vote of confidence in the government

© AP Photo / Valentina PetrovaПремьер-Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish . Archival photoThe Czech Parliament will vote of confidence in the government© AP Photo / Valentina Petrova

The deputies of the Czech Parliament will hold Friday a special session at the request of the opposition will address the issue of confidence in the government of Prime Minister Andrew Babish.

A new wave of political crisis in the Czech Republic caused published last week by the portal Seznam interview with the Premier’s son from his first marriage, who said he is a citizen of Russia Petr Protopopov visited in 2017 in Moscow, and then in the Crimea. According to Babish Jr., his supposedly «kidnapped» and sent to the Crimea to hide from the investigation into his father’s firm «stork’s Nest», which is suspected of financial fraud. The Prime Minister said that his son suffers from schizophrenia, so do not take seriously his claims. Protopopov, the Prime Minister called a kind of guardian of his sick son.

In connection with the interview, as well as the ongoing police investigation in the case of «the Nest of the stork», five of the opposition right-wing parties called for the resignation Babish and tabled to Parliament the question of confidence in the government.

However, the alignment of political forces in the Parliament is not favorable to the opposition. To recommend to the government a vote of confidence it needed to win the votes of 101 deputies out of 200, but it has only 92. Led by Babish movement ANO is represented in Parliament, 78 deputies and 15 seats — the ruling coalition of the social Democrats, as many have the Communists, who tacitly support the current government formed in June.

Following the leadership of the Communist party this week several meetings with intense discussion of the situation, as well as meeting their leader Vojtech Filip, President of the Republic Milos Zeman, the Communists eventually decided to remain faithful to the existing Cabinet. However, as always, Philip can rely on the disciplined execution of the deputies of the will of the party leadership.

A different decision was made by associates of the Prime Minister of Babish in the ruling coalition – the social Democrats. Their leader, he is first Deputy Prime Minister and interior Minister Jan hamáček spoke Wednesday for the preservation of the coalition Cabinet, but with the replacement of the Prime Minister, who could change any of the companions of Babish movement ANO. Any of the social Democrats in a secret ballot inadvertently did not support the resignation of the government, Hamachek decided it would be better if his party members into voting to leave the courtroom.

In turn, President Zeman said he did not believe in the fall of the Cabinet, but if it did happen, then he will instruct the formation of a new government again Babish as the leader won the parliamentary elections in October 2017 movement ANO.