The Federation Council approved the Federal budget for three years

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in photobacteria of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. November 23, 2018The Federation Council approved the Federal budget for three years© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

Senators at the meeting on Friday approved the Federal budget of the Russian Federation in 2019-2021 years, the document provides for a gradual reduction of the surplus from 1.8% of GDP in 2019 to 0.8% of GDP in 2021.

Budget revenues in 2019 there 19,969 trillion rubles, expenses — 18,037 trillion rubles, respectively surplus 1,932 trillion rubles, or 1.8% of GDP. The budget is created on the basis of forecast GDP in 105,82 trillion rubles, inflation not higher than 4.3 percent.

In the next two years assumes a gradual growth in both revenues and expenses, and the surplus will be reduced. By 2020, revenues are budgeted in the amount of 20,219 trillion rubles, expenses — 18,994 trillion roubles, the surplus — 1,224 trillion rubles (1.1% of GDP). In 2021 the expected income 20,978 trillion rubles, expenses 20,026 trillion rubles and, accordingly, a surplus of 952 billion rubles (0.8% of GDP). GDP for these years is projected in the volume of 110,732 118,409 trillion and trillion rubles, inflation not higher than 3.8% and 4%.

According to the budget rule, additional oil and gas revenues will go to the reserves, namely the national welfare Fund. In 2019 will be considered as additional income from the price of Urals oil over 41,6 USD per barrel, they are expected to 3,369 trillion rubles. The forecast for 2020 is 2,777 trillion rubles (from oil is more expensive than 42.4 per dollar), for 2021 — 2,632 trillion rubles (from oil is more expensive than 43.3 per dollar). The result of the expected growth of SWFs over the past three years from 3.8 to 11.4 trillion rubles, or 3.8% to 12% of GDP.

Formed after removal of the oil and gas windfall «paper deficit» is scheduled to close mainly due to domestic borrowing: net attraction (income from investment minus debt service costs) in the budget from this source for the year 2019 inherent in 1,705 trillion rubles in 2020 to 1.8 trillion rubles, 2021 — 1,578 trillion rubles.

Eurobonds expected to place in the amount of up to $ 3 billion per year, but a plus for the budget this source will work only in 2021 because in 2019 the possibility of redemption of Eurobonds worth up to $ 4 billion, and for 2020 will have a planned peak of repayment of previously outstanding bonds is $ 5.1 billion.

Support banks and companies

The law, in particular, provides budgetary funds into the recapitalization of banks and companies. So, the agricultural Bank will be capitalized in 2019 15 billion in 2020 at 10 billion, Rosatom will be allocated 642,26 million and 4.95 billion rubles, respectively. The state Corporation «Roscosmos» in 2019 will receive 8,43 billion rubles in 2020 – 8 billion in 2021 of 6.34 billion, GKNPTs Khrunichev in fee — 1.47 billion, 2,954 1,744 billion and billion respectively.

Vnesheconombank to implement the priority projects in the far East in 2019 allocated $ 9.6 billion, in 2020 – 2.1 billion. For Vnesheconombank, «SME Corporation» and Russian export centre in the years 2019-2021 reserved funds in the framework of the approved capital at which the money is available as and when the needs for investment resources in the total amount of 1 billion rubles a year.

Through the «SME Corporation» on providing equipment leasing for small and medium business in 2019 will be sent to 1.2 billion rubles in 2020 to 1.93 billion in 2021 – to 1.4 billion. Another 5 billion rubles in 2019 through this Corporation and the SME Bank will go to the provision of credit guarantee support to small and medium-sized businesses.

Contribution to the company RusHydro to Finance the investment project «Construction of two single-circuit ol 110 kV Pevek-Bilibino» in 2019 will amount to 4 billion rubles in 2020, 6 billion. While RusHydro will have the right by decision of the government of the Russian Federation to use in 2019 for the construction of CHPP in Sovetskaya Gavan previously unused funds in the amount of 899 million rubles.

For projects of leasing of passenger ships in 2020-2021 years of the United shipbuilding Corporation will be allocated 5 billion rubles a year. In the case of a reduction in 2019 of the net assets of the FUND below 30 billion rubles, the Russian government will be entitled to make the decision to purchase additional investment units.

The Cabinet will also have the opportunity to make next year in the capital of Russian Railways to 5.3 billion rubles for the construction of railway infrastructure objects of the Kiev direction of the Moscow railway, if the corresponding subsidy will go to the budget of the Russian Federation from the budget of Moscow.

A contribution to the capital of Russian Railways to increase the level of economic connectedness of the territory of the Russian Federation in 2019 will be of 6.93 billion rubles in 2020 – 12,11 billion in 2021 of 17.81 billion. In addition, to provide a basis for the development of high-speed rail between major cities in 2019-2021, the company will receive 88 million rubles per year, and for the integrated development of the plot the Mezhdurechensk-Taishet section of the Krasnoyarsk railway in 2021 of 7.21 billion.

A contribution to the capital of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) to implement the project on creation of the wide-body long-haul aircraft will be in 2019 4 billion in 2020, 6 billion in 2021 — 7 billion. On completion of the aircraft Il-114 it will get 967,84 million rubles, and 2,035 billion 616 million, respectively. In order to Finance industrial infrastructure and after-sales service of the plane silt-114-300 in 2019 installment in oak is provided at the level of 2.22 billion.