The Parliament of Ukraine adopted the state budget for 2019

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Ukraine’s Parliament on Friday passed the state budget for 2019 with a deficit of 2.3% of GDP, inflation at 7.4% and economic growth of 3%, this decision was supported by 240 parliamentarians with the necessary minimum of 226 votes.

Spending on defense and security is budgeted at 5.3% of GDP, or about $ 7.5 billion. The budget is calculated proceeding from the rate of 29.4 hryvnia per dollar.

According to the document, the minimum wage will increase by 12 per cent to 4,173 thousand hryvnia (about $ 149). Living wage in Ukraine in 2019 will grow by 9.4% by the end of the year amounted to 2.27 thousand hryvnia (about 72 dollars).

To ensure adequate social protection of every citizen of Ukraine to 2019 living wage will increase in line with forecasted consumer price index for the year 2019. The growth of the living wage will occur on 1 July and 1 December of the relevant year.

In particular, the budget for next year provides for the subsistence minimum on one person counting on the month in the amount from 1 January 2019 — 1853 hryvnia (about $ 66), 1 July — 1936 hryvnia (about 69 dollars), December 1, 2027 hryvnia (about 72 dollars).

The document must be signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

A number of opposition factions of the Parliament criticized the budget-2019. According to deputies, the document provides for raising tariffs, increasing poverty and the indebtedness of Ukraine.

The state budget of Ukraine for the year 2018 provides for a deficit of 2.4% of GDP, economic growth at 3%, inflation — 9%.