Two Chinese were convicted for attempting to export from the TRANS-Baikal 81 gold ingot

© Fotolia / Cordages jury. Archival photoTwo Chinese were convicted for attempting to export from the TRANS-Baikal 81 gold ingot© Fotolia / Corgarashu

Two Chinese citizen convicted of trying to take out from Zabaykalsky Krai 81 gold bars weighing four kilograms and worth more than 10 million rubles, reported on the website of the East Siberian transport Prosecutor’s office.

According to trial in may of two Chinese nationals arrived Chita, where his compatriot bought gold bars, who planned to illegally export to China. In June, the attackers arrived in a car custom post Zabaikalsk of the Chita customs and tried to carry the gold across the border hidden in the trunk. The driver of the gold did not know. However, the customs officials during the inspection found in the car package with 81 ingot.

It added that the defendants not pleaded guilty, explained that he did not know the procedure for the acquisition, storage and transportation of gold, and in the course of the investigation, the translator misrepresented their testimony. However, the investigation and prosecution the court was provided with evidence to refute the defence case.

«One of the defendants was sentenced to six years six months imprisonment with a fine of 600 thousand rubles, the second to six years imprisonment with a fine of 500 thousand rubles. To serve the sentence faced in a correctional colony of General regime», — stated in the message.

The seized gold was confiscated in the state income, specified on the website.