Festival «Ticket to the future» will help youth employment, said Lyubimov

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in fotobiennial Lyubimov. Archival photoFestival «Ticket to the future» will help youth employment, said Lyubimov© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

Career guidance festival «Ticket to the future», one of the venues for the event, which was Ryazan will help the young people of the region to solve the problem of employment, said the regional Governor Nikolai Lyubimov.

Ryazan oblast is among the regions of Russia, where the first is initiated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the career guidance project «Ticket to the future.» The festival started in the region on November 22. Its organizers are the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation, the Ryazan region government, the Union «Agency of development of professional communities and workers «Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)».

«We hope that it will be successful, its members in the future will get interesting in-demand speciality and will find a worthy place in life,» said the regional Governor Nikolai Lyubimov during a working meeting with Deputy Minister of education of the Russian Federation Irina Potekhina.

Potekhina said the great social significance of the event that is to bring together about 100 thousand students of the country.

«It was selected several pilot regions for the first, «pioneer» vote. Including Ryazan oblast, because it is very strong education system. We focused on those regions that will cope with the task. I thank you for what you dared to enter such a complex project. The economy is changing rapidly, there are new specialty. The initiative of the President of the Russian Federation is to teach children as early as possible to choose the profession, to engage in competitive work processes,» said ul.

The festival is attended by pupils of 6-11 classes of all districts. They perform thematic task and pass the career guidance test. The project is built as a platform for hands-on experience with in-demand occupations in areas such as «information technology», «transport and logistics», «new materials», «agriculture», «health», «energy», «urban environment (smart city)» and «space». Students work with mentors – the representatives of the leading enterprises of the region. At the end of the festival will be created a digital portfolio of participants – analogue of the work book, which will be all required employer information.

Nikolay Lyubimov and Irina Potekhina Saturday visited the work sites of «Ticket to the future.» Potekhina said that festivals each pilot entity of the Russian Federation have their own characteristics based on the needs of the local economy.

«Snap to the development of each region is straightforward. Here are the information about the universities and colleges, enterprises of the Ryazan region. The employer needs to think now about who will come to him in 5-8 years. Therefore, programs are designed for students of different ages», – said the Deputy Minister.

Nikolai Lyubimov called the festival very important for the future of the Ryazan region.

«The children become familiar with each profession, will choose the most interesting, and necessary for the region. We will see preferences of students, then perhaps we will build custom training programmes», — said the head of the region.

Lyubimov noted that special attention should be given to developing a mentoring system, to oversee the students will be highly professional employees of leading enterprises.

«I wish this helped and professionals, and, most importantly, children who in the future will come in the workforce. Today, the graduates of universities and colleges there is the problem of employment, they are looking for a job with normal pay levels, career opportunities, while employers need people with experience. Therefore, youth is not so easy to get a job. The objective of the project «Ticket to the future» to help solve this problem,» – said Lyubimov.

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