Hackers have found a link Browder and Navalny associate with British intelligence

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in fotobounce on tower bridge over river Thames in London. Archival photoHackers have found a link Browder and Navalny associate with British intelligence© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

Hackers from the group Anonymous said Friday about the discovery of documents about the activities of the Integrity Initiative project, which the UK, in their assumption, could be used to interfere in the internal Affairs of European countries and for information war against Russia.

As reported on one of the sites Anonymous, the project was founded in 2015 and funded by the British government, and among those associated with this project, the financier William Browder, Vladimir Ashurkov, who is a close associate of Alexei Navalny, and scientist Igor Sutyagin, convicted in 2004 for espionage and later pardoned.

Project expenses for the financial year ending March 31, 2019 are estimated as follows from the posted documents, 1.96 million pounds (to 2.51 million). The stated goal of the project is the information counter Russia, according to the website of hackers. Among those who allocated project grants, also pointed out the US state Department, NATO, and the social network Facebook.

«We are the network»

In leaked on the Internet «training manual» of the project says it is based in 2015, the British centre for expertise «Institute of public administration» in collaboration with the Free University in Brussels «with the aim to attract the attention of politicians, policy makers, opinion leaders and other stakeholders to the threat posed by Russia of democratic institutions in the UK, Europe and North America.»

On the website of the project States that it «connects together a network of clusters in Europe and North America» who finds it necessary to oppose Russia and other countries: China, Iran, Venezuela. For this purpose, «members of the clusters are actively working with policy makers and the General public in their countries», as well as exchange of information and experience in the region, indicated on the site.

«We are a network of people and organizations from all over Europe, intending to expose the propaganda and misinformation and to deal with them. Our common goal is to teach how to find misinformation and confirm the sources,» reads the organization’s website. She does not hide that most of its members intends to remain anonymous, citing «aggressive attention disinformation, for example, the Kremlin and its henchmen».

The relationship with the government organization does not hide. «Network koordiniruyutsya from the UK. We are not a government Agency, but we work with government agencies and departments that share our goals», — the organizers of the project.

The number posted on the web documents requires government funding from the UK budget. This application for funding, which are made on the forms for the contract documents of the foreign office, as well as a list of contact persons program «in the embassies», presumably British, throughout Europe and beyond. For the defendants in the list of contact persons specified official email address of the British foreign Ministry. RIA Novosti does not yet have their comments.

The representative of the British foreign office also did not refute assumptions about the relationship of the project with the British authorities, saying only that the British government welcomes the wide publicity of the project.

«The Integrity Initiative is a program, which is available in the public domain. We look forward to raising awareness about this project», — said the representative of the British foreign Ministry RIA Novosti.

The national cybersecurity center in the UK was informed of the messages on this topic.

Browder, Ashurkov and Sutyagin

Among those listed of potential employees, there are a number of well-known persons. it is primarily a financier William Browder, formerly the largest portfolio investor in Russia, who is currently promoting sanctions against Moscow in several countries of the world and convicted in absentia in Russia on charges of tax fraud.

In addition, the list is an associate of Alexei Navalny, the former head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Vladimir Ashurkov, which in 2015 was granted asylum in the UK. In Russia Ashurkova has been accused of fraud by 10 million rubles in donations for the campaign, Navalny during the elections of the mayor of Moscow in 2013.

Also on the list is Igor Sutyagin, a scientist, a former employee of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, was convicted for treason in Russia. Sutyagin among a group of four people was exchanged for ten people detained in the USA on charge in illegal activities in favor of Russia and sent out of the country.

The document that contains the names of Browder, Ashurkov and Sutyagin, makes it impossible to understand in any business dealings with Integrity Initiative they are and how to cooperate with him. The document is not entitled. Opposite the names of the persons mentioned says that they are a kind of «Russian core» of the British cluster of the organization but are not members of the cluster, as other players in the list. Several members of the clusters are listed without the names (Andrew, Mary), or even without a name (just «a»).

Also in the list of the British cluster is the author of a book about the Gulag, the Pulitzer prize-winning Anne Applebaum, the employee of Fund Hermitage Browder Vadim Kleiner and co-founder of the project StopFake.org Yevhen Fedchenko. In the American cluster, the most famous is the economist Anders åslund, an expert working at the Atlantic Council in Washington. The coordinator of the cluster is listed by Mary Ellen Connell. Her e-mail was the domain of the Center for naval analysis, a military expert center funded by the U.S. government.


In turn, Anonymous hackers suggest that the true purpose of the project is intervention in the Affairs of European countries.

«The stated project aims to counter Russian propaganda and hybrid war Moscow. Hiding behind noble intentions, Britain actually created a large information secret service in Europe, USA and Canada, which consists of representatives from the political, military, scientific and journalistic community, led by an expert centre in London» — written on one of the sites, Anonymous, cyberguerrilla.org.

«Project Britain repeatedly intervened in the internal Affairs of independent European States. The most obvious example is the operation of the Moncloa in Spain. Britain decided to prevent the appointment of Pedro Baños for the post of Director of the office for internal security of Spain. The Spanish cluster Integrity Initiative it took only a few hours to complete the tasks», — stated on the website. The enclosed document indicates that the Spanish cluster organizations conducted a campaign in the local media with the aim of presenting Baños supporter of Russia.

«The UK government must emerge from the shadows and clearly state their intentions, to reveal the results of the activities of the Integrity Initiative, otherwise we’ll do it ourselves» — the authors warn of leaks.
Tools and activities

Hackers have found a link Browder and Navalny associate with British intelligence© Flickr / Defence Mademyday mediocrity. The British found a new way to follow Rosseau project applications for funding on letterhead of the foreign office there is a column in which the question is asked, where has received funding for the organization. In the list of donors listed by NATO’s public diplomacy, contributed 168 thousand pounds for workshops, an unnamed «partner organization» with 70 thousand pounds of funding. The Ministry of defence of Lithuania has provided a team of strategic communications to build local cluster organizations and 20 thousand pounds. The US state Department has allocated 250 thousand pounds on «the activities of research and dissemination». In addition, mentions the sum of 100 thousand pounds from Facebook «to research and educational activities.»

In the application for the fiscal year to March 2019 listed a wide range of activities in the information confrontation with Russia. This base 9 country clusters, open clusters, educational activities, preparation of country reports, establishing a network of experts in Brussels. In addition, designated work with the ministries of foreign Affairs and defence of various countries to encourage them to form organizations to study and counter the «Russian threat». In addition, planned to allocate funds for in-depth study of the principles of Russian propaganda and the basic methods of the alleged misinformation. It was supposed to track the attention of Russia to international events, such as elections, summits, military exercises, etc.

Hackers have found a link Browder and Navalny associate with British intelligence© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura fotobanka in the state Duma suggested to create the international rules for the use of cyberespionage planned to prepare a guide on dealing with misinformation and a study on attitudes of Russian-speaking Diaspora in the Baltic States, Germany and other countries. An extensive programme of publications, including in a multimedia format, it was planned to be supplemented with translations in English and Russian languages. In addition to monitoring the activities of the organization included the distribution of its position on a number of channels, including social media. It is also planned information campaign «to counter misinformation» and using entertainment programs to influence the Russian-speaking population of some countries. Finally, it was suggested to introduce courses on «information war» in a number of universities.

In the description of stakeholders in the project. no specifics though designated «the governments of States and international institutions.» In the «risks» listed the threats that are afraid to face the authors of the project. A «malicious claims in court,» hacker attacks, reputational and physical risks for participants in the program, «negative advertising on the part of Russia or its supporters» and «physical elimination of the leaders and experts on the subject, guiding the program.»


Russian lawmakers responded to the exposure of hackers, inviting them to fully investigate.

«Regardless of the fact that there are hackers (data) or not, it was so obvious that the entire sequential operation of London, especially information, clearly aimed at the attempt to discredit Russia. This can be called whatever you like: attack, counter,» — said RIA Novosti member of the Duma Committee on security Andrei Lugovoi (EP).

A member of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Nikolai Ryzhak (CP) in an interview with RIA Novosti suggested to check the financial activities of those who cooperate with the project for violation of Russian legislation.

«I will prepare, perhaps, to the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the corresponding Deputy inquiry with a view to developing proposals on cyber security with respect to our state», — said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin.

The head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev has urged not to make hasty accusations, and to investigate the assumptions of hackers.

«Surely this merits the closest attention and most careful investigation. Unlike our «sworn friends», which would be five minutes after the appearance of this kind of information has already made this point in a Parliament a draft law on sanctions, I think it important to focus now on the basis of evidence and not on a hasty arraignment, no matter how it was seductive,» said Kosachev, RIA Novosti.

«I think it’s not a recent publication,» suggested, in turn, first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on defense Andrei Krasov.