Putin said that salaries should be expressed in real money

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin chairs an expanded meeting of the Presidium of the state Council in Yalta. November 23, 2018Putin said that salaries should be expressed in real money© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the real salaries and pensions of Russians is more important than averages on the country. The head of state said at a state Council Presidium meeting in the Crimea.

According to him, the General government should be reflected not only in numbers but also in real life.

Putin noted that people need to see concrete results in the implementation of the may decree. «Actually, it’s not in the decree and it is not in the projects <…>. The case in the results of this work in the future. We need concrete results, people need concrete results,» he said.

The development of industries

The President also called for development of a specific industry: health, education, infrastructure, «to change the situation in the country for the better.»

«We need people to see these changes real, not on paper, not in reports. Fashionable this expression is the average temperature in the hospital. Here we average the hospital does not need, you need a specific result that people see,» — he stressed.

As an example, the President gave the state plans in the field of culture, aimed at increasing visits to institutions of culture twice.

«The question immediately arises: who will visit these cultural institutions? <…> It will be the same people will just go more often? Either they are different people?— it asked a question.

May Putin’s decree

Putin in may signed a decree that determines the main directions of development of economy and social sphere of Russia until 2024. The head of state, in particular, requested two times to reduce the level of poverty and to ensure sustainable growth of real incomes and the growth of pensions is lower than inflation.

It is also expected every year to improve the housing conditions of not less than five million families to secure a mortgage at 8% for middle-income families and to increase life expectancy to 78 years, and by 2030 up to 80 years.

For these purposes, you will need to allocate 8 trillion rubles from the budget.