Spain agreed to the terms of the agreement on Brexit

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in fotobanka the European Union and the UK. Archival photoSpain agreed to the terms of the agreement on Brexit© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

Spain will vote for the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and a Declaration on future relations, said the country’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

«I informed the king that Spain have reached an agreement on Gibraltar. The European Council will be held tomorrow. Europe and the United Kingdom agreed with the requirements, set Spain. So, Spain takes the veto and will vote tomorrow for Brexit,» said Sanchez in a statement made in the government residence in Madrid.

According to Sanchez, the agreements, which failed to reach the Madrid talks, giving him «an absolute guarantee to resolve the problem between Britain and Spain, which has more than 300 years.»

He explained exactly what the Spanish claim was made by the Brussels and London. After the British exit from the EU, «the relationship of Gibraltar with the EU political, legal and even geographical, will pass through Spain.»

In particular, failed to agree on a joint Declaration of the European Council and the European Commission in the framework of the agreement on withdrawal, «which denies that 184 article, which was the issue between the governments of Spain and great Britain, will be applied to future relationships, including in the territorial sphere.»

According to Sanchez, the British government recognizes, in writing this interpretation. «In the framework of the Declaration on future relations, the European Council and the European Commission to strengthen the position of Spain. We will have to talk about joint sovereignty and many other things with great Britain», — he explained.

In addition, the Declaration stipulated that any agreement concerning Gibraltar, should be between the EU and the UK separately and with the consent of Spain. According to him, «this will allow Spain to hold direct talks with London on Gibraltar».

«We are talking about the development of this policy in respect of Gibraltar, which has a European dimension. It includes the need for respect for the territorial integrity of States is one of the main demands of the Spanish government. The territorial integrity of Spain is a key element that will bear in mind the European Council and the European Commission», — he said.

In his words, in these negotiations, «Spain received triple the armor, which will finally resolve the future of Gibraltar in the next few years with the UK».

The twelfth of December, Sanchez will speak in the Congress of deputies, where he will give explanations about the agreements reached.

The UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019. Negotiations about conditions of withdrawal of Britain from the EU are ongoing since last summer.

On the eve Sanchez said that the European Council meeting on Sunday, where the leaders of 27 EU countries must approve the agreement on the withdrawal of great Britain from the European Union and the Declaration on future relations, may not take place from-for absence of guarantees of Spain to fulfil its requirements in the «Gibraltar question».

Territorial dispute over Gibraltar between Spain and Britain has lasted for more than 300 years. In referendums held in 1967 and 2002, approximately 99% of Gibraltarians want to remain part of Britain. On site there is the Constitution, adopted by referendum in 2006, according to which legislative power belongs to the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II and the Parliament of Gibraltar. Spain considers Gibraltar as its territory, has proposed to the UK to establish over Gibraltar «joint sovereignty». Over time, believes Madrid should be restored Spanish sovereignty over the territory.

Spain had previously agreed with the UK Protocol to Gibraltar, which shall become part of the agreement for Brexit, a number of memoranda on specific issues, and agreement on taxes.