The Deputy explained why he advised the Russians with higher education to work as painters

© From the archives of Sergey Vostretsov PostrecoveryThe Deputy explained why he advised the Russians with higher education to work as painters© From the archives of Sergey vostretsova

A member of the Duma Committee on labour and social policy Sergey Vostretsov explained that, in suggesting the Russians having higher education, to go into low-paying jobs, wanted to say that we should not abandon this option as a temporary solution.

As reported by the media, Vostretsov complained that people come to him, who are asked to help with the work, and say that they have several higher educations, but don’t want to draw attention to jobs of painters and cleaners. Although, as noted by the Deputy of «Gazprom» is not able to employ everyone.

The MP said that the media incorrectly gave his words as if he spoke with a sneer.

«The point was what? Strange people coming, say that they have two, three, four higher education and want to be offered some paid work only <…> They are professional whiners. For ten years they can look for work by himself and does not find her ever. Anyone who wants, that finds. Unemployed — someone who has no job, but wants to find her. Not dreams,» said Vostretsov RIA Novosti.

He explained that referred to «Gazprom», because they came to him, the young man received a diploma in Dagestan, and asked for help to get to the gas company.

«He said, «Help me to get a job in «Gazprom». I have a diploma allows Gazprom to work?» I said «Allows, but you have to go for an interview». Says, «I go, they won’t take me yet», — the Deputy told.

According to him, to him quite often come with such requests. However, according to vostretsova, these people are usually not trying to solve the problem with employment on their own.

«You can cook, work, and painter, and to study, improve and seek. Who hinders to look for a job according to their knowledge? And you can sit on grandma’s pension is the granddaughter of ten years and to dream: «Grandma, but I don’t want 15-20 thousand here and there to go to work.» So, why are you then Babkin pension live? She, of course, never enough of a living wage, and everyone will be mad that the government is bad. Maybe you, too, will begin to ask?» — asked the Deputy.

He added that, in the future, does not preclude the selection of a worker. Thus, according to him, the importance of such professions is unfairly undervalued.

«Now, if I, the Deputy, will lose my job if I anyone won’t need — will go to the labour exchange. And what of this? I worked as a loader, who was not only <…> I’m not afraid to work hands. I in village have grown. We have pigs, and cows were. I know how and hay to mow, like a potato plant, as pigs grow. I’m not afraid of anything. If life is going to turn around, go to the village, the village, the head of a cow, the farm, as I have lived, and will maintain the garden. And now can and to wash floors, and cook, and all I want to do,» concluded Vostretsov.