The interior Ministry and the Ministry of health decided to share data about alcoholics and drug addicts behind the wheel

© Fotolia / Filippo RomeoВождение under the influence. Archival photoThe interior Ministry and the Ministry of health decided to share data about alcoholics and drug addicts behind the wheel© Fotolia / Filippo Romeo

The interior Ministry and the Ministry of health has completed drafting the bill on the exchange of information about drivers who have medical contraindications to driving, in particular suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction, and in December 2018 plan to make it into the government, told RIA Novosti source in the government familiar with the development of the document.

In 2018 are already in force normative acts on creation of a Unified state information system in healthcare. It is planned that from 1 January 2019 all medical organizations will provide the necessary information in this system. Information will come from both the public and private clinics. In the case of this bill, police will have access to the information in the system.

The document is part of a wider reform of the optimization process obtain a driver’s license. Earlier, the RF government approved the plan, which includes through the use of electronic technology to reduce the number of paper documents. After implementing this plan for the obtaining the driver’s license will be sufficient to submit only a passport and statement, verification of all documentation, including mesalazine, will be held in electronic form.

«Currently, the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of health has completed work on the bill, it is planned that in December it will be submitted to the government,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In the case of the adoption of the document data sharing between agencies will technically look like the following. Traffic police officer with use of system of interdepartmental electronic interaction (SMEV) sends a request on confirming the issuance to the citizen of medical reports and of the information contained herein. In response he received information about the results of the form of the conclusion about presence or absence at the person of contraindications to the management of cars, as well as on permitted categories of vehicles.

In addition, the inspector receives information about the General restrictions on the operation of the vehicle. They can be associated with the design of the vehicle (e.g., manual control) or with the use of a driver of special devices and medical products (for example, driving only with glasses or lenses). The answer comes in the online mode. The inspector then decides whether to display the person’s rights and what to set the limit on management.

The bill also gives the opportunity to suspend the rights in the presence of the driver of diseases, which are medical contraindications.

As stated in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill, the lack of inter-Agency cooperation between the Ministry of health and Ministry of internal Affairs leads to the fact that contraindications to driving drivers continue to drive a car, to create obstacles to safe riding. In the interior Ministry to register the cases when the owners have rights, regardless of the presence of alcohol or drug dependence.

In addition, as noted in the explanatory Memorandum, there are cases of death of drivers while operating a vehicle as a result of a sharp deterioration in health.

The document was developed in 2015. In the original version of the bill proposed also to amend the law «On the protection and health of citizens» who would provide the bodies of internal Affairs data, medical reports without the consent of the citizen or his legal representative. According to the source Agency, the Agency are unable to reach agreement on this issue: the Ministry of health insists that this violates doctor-patient confidentiality, the Ministry of interior claim that the requested information will not directly apply to human health and to disclose information about his illness.

In this regard, the question on amendments to the law decided not to include in the bill of interdepartmental information interaction. It will be discussed later, it is possible that in the preparation of a separate bill. In the case of adoption of the developed agencies of document data exchange of medical reports in electronic form will be possible only with the consent of the driver. For this reason, while it does not completely abandon the paper certificates, the inspectors will take them, even after the adoption of the bill.

Official comments of the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of health RIA Novosti does not yet have, they failed to promptly provide comments.