The police used tear gas against demonstrators in the centre of Paris

© SputnikСотрудники police during a protest of the Yellow jackets in Paris. November 24, 2018The police used tear gas against demonstrators in the centre of Paris© Sputnik

In Paris, police used tear gas against demonstrators on the Champs Elysees, which approached closed to protest the area Concorde. It is reported by channel BFMTV, host the live broadcast from the event.

The movement called «Yellow jackets» held in the centre of the French capital’s mass protests. The protesters are against the increase in fuel prices. According to the TV channel, the event attracted several thousand people. They sing the Marseillaise and calling the President of Emmanuel Macron to the resignation.

The protesters are trying to break fences in the area and to get to the closed zone, which is the start the Champs-elysées. As explained by the TV channel, they expect to break through to government agencies.

In response, police used not just tear gas but also water cannons.

Les manifestants se sont approchés d’un nouveau cordon et érigent une barrière. Les CRS jettent des fumigènes. Premiers accrochages. La rue est enfumée
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Earlier it was reported that the security on the stock in Paris will provide three thousand policemen and gendarmes. Because of the protests closed seven downtown subway stations, one of the main attractions of the capital — the Eiffel tower temporarily ceased to receive visitors.

#GiletsJaunes sur les #ChampsÉlysées: la police a fait usage de gaz lacrymogènes #24novembreChampsElysees

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«Yellow jackets»

The movement against the increase in fuel prices was called «Yellow jackets» on obligatory attribute of French drivers — yellow reflective tabard. Large-scale protests began in France on November 17. A week ago, according to the interior Ministry, which was attended by more than 287 thousand people.

Not without clashes, which injured more than 500 people across the country. In the isère, one of the demonstrators died under the wheels of the car.

From 1 January in France, the planned increase in the price of petrol by 2.9 cents, diesel by 6.5 cents per litre. Thus, for the current year, the price of diesel fuel increased by about 23 percent, gasoline by 15 percent.

#GiletsJaunes: tensions autour des Champs-Elysées #24novembre

— BFMTV (@BFMTV) 24 Nov 2018