Ukrainian ex-Minister said that he was «forced» to attack the Russian Embassy

© Eugene Categorise the Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine, people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Chairman of the Socialist party of Ukraine Nikolay Rudkovsky in a break of session of the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev. Archival photoUkrainian ex-Minister said that he was «forced» to attack the Russian Embassy© Evgeny Kotenko

The former Minister of transport and communication of Ukraine Nikolay Rudkovsky not guilty in the attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev, he was forced to leave the building stone under the influence of the crowd, said his lawyer in the Basmanny court of Moscow.

«He recognizes that threw the stone. But he was forced to perform certain actions under duress. He put the stone in his hand, and he threw it,» said the lawyer. According to him, Rudkovsky not colluded with the attackers and there is no evidence that his rock caused damage to the building.

The lawyer said that his client voluntarily surrendered to Russia and not hiding from the investigation. The defense asked the court to be limited to house arrest or pledge in the amount of 10 million rubles.

Rudkovsky was detained in Moscow. In may 2016, he was arrested in absentia.

According to the court, Rudkovsky was charged under part 2 of article 360 of the criminal code (attack on the institution enjoying international protection, the purpose of provocation of war or complication of international relations). The sanction of article prescribes punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term of five to ten years.

According to the investigation, Rudkovsky joined the radicals and the participants banned in Russia organization «Right sector»* that pelted the Embassy with eggs and paint, throw paving stones. «He took the stone and deliberately threw it and the administrative building of the Embassy and then left the scene of the crime,» — said the investigator.

According to him, the damage from the damaged building and destroyed cars is estimated at 14 million rubles.

In February 2017, the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko reported that six defendants in criminal cases about attacks on the Russian Embassy in Kiev in 2014 and 2016 was charged in absentia. Among the accused in the case of the attack on the diplomatic mission in 2014 was Rudkovsky. It was noted that the June 14, 2014, the accused took part in the destruction of property of the Russian Embassy, including using improvised threw the facade of the building.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia

Ukrainian ex-Minister said that he was «forced» to attack the Russian Embassy© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Pedicellaria and courage