Government of Gibraltar announced the preservation of the sovereignty of Britain, despite the claims of Spain

© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina Gibraltar and the UK. Archival photoGovernment of Gibraltar announced the preservation of the sovereignty of Britain, despite the claims of Spain© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina

Britain will retain sovereignty over Gibraltar, London talks on future relations with the EU on behalf of the «British family», which includes the area, said chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo.

«Britain will never give our sovereignty against our will. UK will never start a discussion of the question of sovereignty with which we disagree,» said Picardo. The text of his statement was circulated by the press service of the government of Gibraltar.

He added that the authorities of Gibraltar «are not interested in any weakening of sovereignty.» «We are not interested (in volume) to allow even a minimal concession on the issue of sovereignty, jurisdiction or control of Spain. Today, as personally confirmed by Prime Minister (of great Britain Theresa may), the sovereignty of Gibraltar is and will remain fully British», he added.

While Picardo accused the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez that he follows the logic of the policy of the dictator Francisco Franco. «Seeking sovereignty over Gibraltar, which you did today… a continuation of the policy of the Generalissimo. I sincerely hope that you will reverse course. Because to get away from the politics of Franco in relation to the sovereignty of Gibraltar would be a far more effective way to turn the page,» — said the head of the Gibraltar office.

Besides, the chief Minister assured that the additions made at the request of Spain to the documents on Brexit, does not mean that Sanchez has received any assurances about the future of Gibraltar. «Because Britain has made it clear that negotiates on behalf of all British families, which, whether it is Mr. Sanchez or not, includes us,» said Picardo.

In addition, Picardo added that the Declaration, which managed to reach Spain with other EU countries, «was not coordinated with the UK» and is not binding on the London. «This is just a political position adopted by the 27 remaining members of the (EU)» — he said.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez lifted the veto of Spain with an agreement to withdraw Britain from the EU and the Declaration on future relations. He said that Madrid had managed to negotiated arrangements that give him «an absolute guarantee to resolve the problem between Britain and Spain, which has more than 300 years.» According to him, after a British exit from the EU, «the relationship of Gibraltar with the EU political, legal and even geographical, will pass through Spain.» In particular, failed to agree on a joint Declaration of the European Council and the European Commission in the framework of the agreement on secession, which established that any agreement concerning Gibraltar, should be between the EU and the UK separately and with the consent of Spain. According to him, «this will allow Spain to hold direct talks with London on Gibraltar».

Territorial dispute over Gibraltar between Spain and Britain has lasted for more than 300 years. In referendums held in 1967 and 2002, approximately 99% of Gibraltarians want to remain part of Britain. On site there is the Constitution, adopted by referendum in 2006, according to which legislative power belongs to the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II and the Parliament of Gibraltar. Spain considers Gibraltar as its territory, has proposed to the UK to establish over Gibraltar «joint sovereignty». Over time, believes Madrid should be restored Spanish sovereignty over the territory.