Kudrin noted the negative role of sanctions on investment activities in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotoreceptor of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin. Archival photoKudrin noted the negative role of sanctions on investment activities in Russia© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The head of audit chamber of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin has noted the negative role of sanctions, which reduce the investors ‘ activity in Russia, and remembered the conversation with the adviser of the President of the United States John Bolton.

«We need to slow down the increase of sanctions, to do it mutually with Western partners. Those sanctions that entered, we will go through them. And new we don’t know what will. This uncertainty hinders of all», — Kudrin said Sunday in the program «characters» on TV channel «Russia-1». According to him, due to sanctions many companies are reviewing their projects in export-import, some investors make the investment pause.

He noted that he had discussed this issue with the US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton, who came to Russia. «I expressed to him the wish in part the need to reduce sanctions and the search for such paths. We are interrelated economy. We better step up trade relations, and disagreements be resolved through other means,» — said Kudrin.

«If we want to think about our entrepreneurs, we need to keep the sanctions because politically emotional response — that we too — he’s not always rational and constructive, in terms of our business, because in this relationship both sides lose, and the substitution is not always can cover. The world has now become a common laboratory for the production of new goods and technologies, and we have to use these technologies to create the best technology,» — says the head of the audit chamber.

Kudrin believes that double non-oil exports, which was mentioned in the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, is quite real. «But it can be done in normal legal relations of mutual respect», — he stressed.

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated in connection with the situation in Ukraine and around the Crimea. The West is accusing Russia of meddling has imposed sanctions against it. In July 2014, the European Union and the United States from the point of sanctions against certain individuals and companies have moved to measures against entire sectors of the economy. Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine and the subject of the Minsk agreements.

Kudrin noted the negative role of sanctions on investment activities in Russia© Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures