Nenashev told, that is ready to go Ukrainian sailors

© RIA Novosti / the border guard of FSB of the Republic to Crimerate in fotobanka ship of naval forces of Ukraine violated the state border of the Russian Federation and moving to the Kerch StraitNenashev told, that is ready to go Ukrainian sailors© RIA Novosti / the border guard of FSB of the Republic to Criminate the image Bank

Ukrainian soldiers are willing to arrange samosatene their ships in the Kerch Strait, just to fulfill the tasks of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko provocation against Russia, says the head of the Russian movement of fleet support Mikhail Nenashev.

Press service of the Crimean border guard service said earlier that three ships of the Ukrainian Navy, in violation of articles 19 and 21 of the UN Convention on the law of the sea crossed the state border of the Russian Federation, included in the temporarily closed Russian waters and move from the Black sea to Kerch Strait. The provocative actions of the three ships of the Ukrainian Navy, continued for several hours, the Federal security service of Russia shall take all necessary measures to stop this deliberate provocation, reported the public relations Center of the FSB.

«The Ukrainian government to escalate the aggression in the Azov-black sea region, all they do in the land, has no resonance, so they switched to the sea. Therefore, their provocations will increase. Again, we now warn the sailors that go to the aggravation of the job (of President of Ukraine Peter — ed.) Poroshenko to commit a catastrophic event until you throw samosatene», — Nenashev told RIA Novosti.

According to him, the border guards of Russia and the black sea fleet sailors assumed the probability of provocations from the Ukrainian side, they figured out the situation and was ready for it. «For the guards and the black sea, this situation is expected, this provocation was calculated, and forces Maritime border guard brought to the highest degree of readiness. Ready all the necessary resources to reason with Ukrainian leaders and then ask them for participation in provocations,» — said Nenashev.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities allow the violation of shipping, Russia acts in accordance with the norms of international Maritime law and does not resort to harsh methods of resolve Maritime conflict.

«Everywhere there is a regime of state responsibility for Maritime zone, Russia is responsible for the Kerch Strait. Russia is acting in accordance with international law. The reception of the bulk of our sailors on the Ukrainian court was a way to bring to a hard option to preventing violations of the border. The hard method is to sink the ships. Russia has all grounds for the use of force to resolve the situation,» — said Nenashev.

Nenashev told, that is ready to go Ukrainian sailors© Vitaly Pedicellate territory