The labour party will vote against the deal with the EU on Brexit, confirmed Corbin

© AFP 2018 / Tolga acmepower the labour party’s Jeremy Corbyn. Archival photoThe labour party will vote against the deal with the EU on Brexit, confirmed Corbin© AFP 2018 / Tolga Akmen

The labour party in Parliament will not support the proposed British government and agreed with the Brussels agreement on Brexit, because I think his terms are unacceptable, said the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn.

Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Theresa may said that the government will hold talks with the parliamentary opposition in order to convince her to support the proposed document. Last week the labour party said that they did not intend to vote for the agreement under consideration in the house of Commons.

«It is unacceptable for the country trade. She is the pathetic result of failure of negotiations, it makes us the worst place in the world. It gives us less opportunity to define our future, but also threatens our jobs and living standards. That is why labour will argue against the deal in Parliament», — it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency a written statement, Corbin, released in response to the statement of may after a meeting with EU leaders.

The leader of the opposition said that the labour party unite with other parties in order to eliminate the possibility of a British exit from the EU without an agreement, and implement an alternative plan by which Britain could return to the negotiating table with Brussels.

«It (the plan) includes the continued membership of Britain in the customs Union, a strong single market, safeguards for the rights of workers, consumers and the enforcement of environmental protection,» — said in a statement.

In mid-October, the Cabinet of Ministers of the United Kingdom approved the draft of the final agreement with the EU, but the document was dissatisfied as opponents Brexit and its supporters. Before signing the document should consider the country’s Parliament, but opposition parties have already said they would not support the project. Significant differences on the text of the document inside the Conservative party. The final hearing on the document will take place in December.

Britain should withdraw from the EU by the end of March 2019, even if the Parliament approves the Prime Minister proposed document.