«As I live — don’t ask!» Why expensive drugs do not reach the beneficiaries and deteriorate in stock

© Depositphotos / AlexkalinaЛекарства«As I live — don’t ask!» Why expensive drugs do not reach the beneficiaries and deteriorate in stock© Depositphotos / Alexkalina

MOSCOW, 26 Nov — RIA Novosti, Anastasia Gadinsky. Money on expensive cure for leukemia for seven years, Samira was collected at a charity marathon in the hospital he was not. Daria M. the drug paid by the Fund. While benefactors was looking for funds, on the farmsklad in Saint-Petersburg deteriorated boxes with the saving vials purchased with budget money. They, along with tens of thousands of other packages of essential drugs, totaling more than 330 million, the Prosecutor’s office found in the audit.

In the health Committee of St. Petersburg hastened to declare: drugs came into disrepair because they were not in demand. Supposedly, some are poorly tolerated by patients, others appeared more modern counterparts. To return products to the manufacturer not always been successful. RIA Novosti has tried to understand what lies behind the next scandal to medicines.

There were no volunteers

Boxes with expired pills and vials in the warehouse of the Central pharmaceutical base of St. Petersburg occupy a few rooms. They have been accumulating here since 2008. On each box a sticker cost of the drug and the date by which he could help people. For example, interferon beta 1 b, a medication prescribed for multiple sclerosis. The retail price for five injections starts from 4700 rubles. The term of implementation expired on 1 July 2017.

Next dust a box of insulin, which was the same year ago. On a nearby shelf — «Imatinib», anticancer drug. Capsules with the biggest dosage in the pharmacy are almost 40 thousand rubles. But on April 1, 2018 a whole box of this tool became illiquid.

Used in chemotherapy «Acerbia», immunodepressant «Cyclosporine»… the List goes on.


Another expensive drug from the list found in the warehouse — «Imatinib». It is used as a pharmaceutical agent against tumors in patients who are not able to have surgery. The price per jar of capsules in the dosage of 400 milligrams — almost 40 thousand roubles. In the warehouse were hundreds of these cans. In St. Petersburg gorzdrave explained that the medicine was unclaimed due to poor tolerability. «Patients observed significant side effects from the gastrointestinal tract (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting) and the deterioration of results of treatment, with the result that they received the drug in the dosage».

Although you can find complaints about the lack of «Imatinib», they all come from other regions. In St.-Petersburg problems with this drug, assured RIA Novosti the representative of the Russian society of Hematology «Promotion» Larisa Smirnova: «there were failures, but a long time ago, when there was developed the Federal program «Seven nosologies». Now all of our patients from St. Petersburg get «Imatinib» for this program, since 2007 I do not recall any complaints of lack of this means.»


«The list of purchases is formed at the beginning of the year based on the statistics of previous years. At that time, companies can only guess how many of them will be patients with melanoma, how many with breast cancer, explains the President of the Association of cancer patients «Hello!» Irina Borovkova. — If ordered more drugs go to the warehouse, because the mechanism for the exchange of drugs between the regions we do not have. If less patients are waiting for the next procurement. Usually drugs are no longer issued in November, and people are forced to wait until Jan-Feb next year, when will auction».

The President of the Foundation for cancer prevention «is Not in vain!» oncologist Ilya Fomintsev another suggestion:

«I think the application was originally too high. That is drugs for many years specially bought more than you need. And overpriced it was because the producers could somehow stimulate it».

«Two years couldn’t knock out drug»

While for some patients bought the wrong tablets and capsules, other patients of badly needed in other drugs. In summer, the St. Petersburg Prosecutor’s office has arranged a hot line on the issue of lack of medicines. Daily received 80 calls. It turned out that the city had periods of a «complete lack of certain items of medicines and medical devices», as reported in the press release of the Ministry. Sometimes people could get this medicine for three months.

Here’s another figure: as of 7 November 2018 in St. Petersburg more than 670 preferential recipes have been placed on deferred maintenance due to lack of products in pharmacies. That is why the reviewer went to the warehouse of the Central pharmaceutical database.

In the hands of Hegel one of those recipes — the drug «Enbrel», a monthly course of which costs 58 thousand rubles. He put son his Robertovna: a young man was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

«This year the medicine we were given one or two times, the last recipe we otovaritsya in August, almost crying into the phone, Hagel. Since then a weekly call to the pharmacy, but there answer is: «out of stock, wait.»

Hope is works as a storekeeper. For such an expensive drug money, of course not. Tried to purchase the drug for the shares in Moscow, but in this case, had to pay thirty thousand.

«How are you? Don’t ask me…» — with these words the woman apologizes and hangs up.


Drew the attention of the President and the inequality of patients from different regions. «In 2017 the average cost of medication for one beneficiary differed in the regions of the Russian Federation more than seven times. I understand the interest of the well in once or twice, but seven times is too many», — said the head of state.

Stopped Putin and the difference in the list of preferential medicines in different regions.

Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova has linked these problems with the lack of a unified list of essential medicines, and a single registry of Federal and regional exempts. Recent plans to introduce in late 2019, announced in turn, the Director of the Department of drug provision and regulation of circulation of medical products of Ministry of health Elena Maksimkina.

However, where up to this point to seek help, Hoping the Boyfriend and the thousands of other patients that the medicine should not the end of 2019, but here and now, not entirely clear.