In Lviv, the protesters in front of the Russian Consulate was set on fire tyres

© Photo : National Housing Luvsanchultem shares Consulate of Russia in Lviv, Ukraine. November 26, 2018In Lviv, the protesters in front of the Russian Consulate was set on fire tyres© Photo : National Housing Luvsya

In Lviv, the participants of the rally near the building of the Russian Consulate burned tires, reported by UNN.

The demonstrators protested against Moscow’s actions during the incident in the Black sea and spoke in support of the Ukrainian sailors from the ships that violated the day before the Russian border.

A similar protest was held on Sunday and in front of the Russian Embassy in Kiev. Protesters threw at the Embassy flares, smoke bombs, trying to burn tires.

The provocation of the Ukrainian Navy

Yesterday morning the ships of naval forces of Ukraine «Berdyansk», «Nikopol» and «Yana Kapu» in violation of articles 19 and 21 of the UN Convention on the law of the sea crossed the state border of Russia. The court went into closed temporarily Russian waters and a few hours of performing dangerous maneuvers, not responding to the demands accompanying the Russian boats and ships.

It was decided to use the weapon. All three ships were detained about 20 kilometers from the Russian coast and 50 km South-West from the usual place of passage of vessels on the Kerch Strait under the Crimean bridge.

During the incident slightly injured three Ukrainian military. They received medical assistance, life-threatening.

Russia opened a criminal case on violation of the state border and requested an urgent meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in the Azov sea. Pre-meeting is scheduled for 11:00 Monday (19:00 GMT).

The national security Council and defense of Ukraine has imposed a state of martial law, the decision must approve the Verkhovna Rada.

On other high-profile cases of violation of Maritime and air borders of the USSR and Russia, see help RIA Novosti >>

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