Named best disney cartoons

© Walt Disney ProductionsКадр from the animated film Pinocchio (1940)Named best disney cartoons© Walt Disney Productions

The portal Collider built the list of best and worst films of Studio Walt Disney.

The ranking recognized the «Pinocchio» in 1940. According to the portal, this is not the most commercially successful product was warmly received by critics. «Pinocchio» won two Oscars — for best song and best original soundtrack.

Second place was awarded to «Sleeping beauty» 1959.

«This is the animation from Walt Disney in its most beautiful and wide display», the article says.

The portal draws particular attention to the work of the Illustrator of Eivind Earle, through which the picture became one of the most ambitious projects of the Studio.

On the third line — the animated film «Fantasia» 1940. Walt Disney created it in collaboration with the conductor of the Philadelphia orchestra, Leopold also included it. As Collider writes, this cartoon-fantasy of the nine musical numbers was a real masterpiece.

The top 10 also got «Bambi,» «Beauty and the Beast», «Dumbo», «lion King,» «Peter pan», «Moana» and «Snow white and the seven dwarfs».

Worst cartoon version of the Collider was «Chicken little» in 2005.