The LC told why Kiev staged the incident in the Black sea

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobanka armored gunboat Nikopol and RAID tug Yana Kapu Navy of Ukraine, detained by the border service of the Russian Federation for violation of the state border of Russia, in the port of Kerch. 26 Nov 2018The LC told why Kiev staged the incident in the Black sea© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

Kiev staged the incident in the Black sea ahead of the G20 meeting, «Norman Quartet» at level of political Directors, told reporters the envoy of the self-proclaimed LNR on the negotiations in Minsk Vladislav Danego.

The summit of leaders of the countries «big twenty» will take place on 30 November — 1 December. Earlier, the FSB, said that the ships of naval forces of Ukraine «Berdyansk», «Nikopol» and «Yana Kapu» violated the Russian border, did not respond to the legitimate demands of accompanying ships and boats of the border service of the FSB and Russia’s black sea fleet to stop immediately and dangerously maneuvered, they were detained. The national security Council and defense of Ukraine adopted a decision to introduce martial law in the country for 60 days. The decision must be approved by Parliament, which will convene for an extraordinary meeting to consider this matter on Monday at 17.00 GMT.

«The situation is, I think, is obvious for all: aiming, firstly before the meeting «the big twenty»; second, today was a scheduled meeting of the Normandy format at the level of policydirector. Date clearly show you why it’s happening now,» said Danego.

In his opinion, what happened in the Kerch Strait was «homework», which will also allow Poroshenko to raise the question of introduction in Ukraine of martial law.

«That is why we have set ourselves Poroshenko to withdraw from elections which he did not promise any prospects. Chances to be elected, he had virtually no political support at the level of statistical uncertainty in Ukraine. Therefore, it would be beneficial to unsubscribe from this election, and this mechanism is in principle already started,» said Danego.

He said that holding elections during a military emergency of Ukrainian laws is prohibited.

«Accordingly, in March the election will not be. When they can take place — no one knows. But at the time, Poroshenko will be enough for the situation to escalate to the limit and build its own dictatorship, to get away from the dictatorship of right-wing extremists that has emerged in Ukrainian politics, to rebuild control, to take the reins in their hands, what it does systematically,» — said Deynego.

The next presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in Ukraine in spring and autumn 2019. Officially the election campaign in the country starts at the end of December, several candidates have already announced their intention to fight for the position of President, including Tymoshenko. The current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has not declared intention to run for a second term.

Tymoshenko and Ukrainian showman Vladimir Zelensky, the leaders in the rating of presidential candidates (of 13.2% and 7.8%), as published on Tuesday the data of the sociological group «Rating». For the current President Petro Poroshenko is ready to give their votes to only 6.8% of the electorate.

The LC told why Kiev staged the incident in the Black sea© Vitaly Policytool war