The media found out how much it will cost the construction of a new tunnel at BAM

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Radiooperator in photobanks on the Baikal-Amur mainline. Archival photoThe media found out how much it will cost the construction of a new tunnel at BAM© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Radiooperator the image Bank

The construction of a new North-tunnel at BAM it is advisable to pass to the East of the growing volumes of cargo, but the project is estimated at 261 billion rubles, the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to the feasibility study submitted by the Institute of Economics and transport development (IERT).

The CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov at meeting of Commission for strategic development of the energy sector in late August this year spoke of the need to proceed with the initial feasibility study (FS) of the second North-tunnel. The Soviet Union built the current 15-kilometer of North tunnel 25 years. Now it’s 16 pairs of trains, and this «bottleneck» in the center, lamented the head of Russian Railways.

According to the newspaper, IART worked for the August terms of reference, Railways and analyzed two promising pass traffic to the East on the BAM and TRANS-Siberian with the increase in bandwidth BAM due to the construction of a new North-tunnel without it.

Given the potential for increased cargo traffic in the East in August, the question was raised of building a new North-tunnel, which could take at least 10 years. The feasibility study formed the basis of pass additional 34 pairs of trains per day. EARTH calculated that investments in a pass of the cargo section of the BAM the Tayshet—Komsomol’sk will be 950,2 billion rubles, according to the TRANS-Siberian railway is $ 1.103 trillion rubles.

As the newspaper notes, the most suitable considered the option of skipping at BAM with the new construction of North-tunnel. However, scientists say, that the indexes feasible only if very heavy traffic is associated with the interval of trains no more than 10 minutes. According to an estimate IRT, the cost of construction of the tunnel on the aggregated indicators is 190 billion rubles without VAT. Given the deflators and producer price indices until 2024 projected cost is estimated at 260,79 billion.

It is the only major project at BAM, where there may be a private investor, the newspaper said. At the end of August «Siberian anthracite» Dmitry Bosova notified Russian Railways that is ready to participate in the project. Monopoly then proposed to change the regulatory framework so that it was possible for a fee to be reserved for shipper’s throughput bottlenecks. The industry appreciated the idea ambiguous, but in FAS the newspaper confirmed that they are working on it. The representative Bosova declined to comment. A source familiar with the situation, said that «Sibantratsit» is still interested in the project.