Experts told how to survive in the city

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Traffic, poor environment, a large number of people in public transport and the same type of high-rise buildings – all this affects the psyche of the inhabitants of the metropolis, believe polled by RIA Novosti experts. The inhabitants of the metropolis very important to be able to fit into the rhythm of the city, find time to relax and spend more time in nature, or the psyche can be destroyed.

Experts told the Agency that you need to do to feel comfortable in a metropolis, how not to lose your temper and where to find the discharge at a fast pace of life.

The mode of work and rest

One of the main difficulties for the inhabitants of the metropolis is the high pace of life. And if the person is not able to be built, not able to look for rest areas, the rate of severe and damaging to the nervous system and psyche, told RIA Novosti the doctor-the therapist Constantine Alder.

«We need to intelligently alternate between work and rest and to understand that to stay in the city often need more time because the speed of life high,» said Alder.

According to the expert, this rest should not be associated with high-speed rhythm, because the metropolis is a huge information flow. Reading various resources on the Internet is not a vacation for the inhabitants of the metropolis, retaining the same high-speed flow of information.

In a big city takes a lot of time on the way to work and back. As advised by the psychiatrist, this time we get to be a benefit for your body.

«Two or three hours a day we spend on the road, we need at this time to otdihat. To understand that is also part of the life of the metropolis,» he added.
To avoid the crowds

As told RIA Novosti psychologist in private practice Alexandra imasheva, due to the large crowds in the city among its inhabitants is a violation of personal and physical boundaries. Everyone has boundaries, close to which it admits only the closest people is the norm and the key to mental health, calm state.

«In the city people very much, and boundaries are violated all the time. The transport people are close to each other in the rush hour, it is a violation of boundaries. In the rhythm of the big city are constantly violated physical and psychological boundaries,» said Imashev.

In addition, in the metropolis due to the large number of people all the time increases the degree of aggression. Depersonalization also occurs, for example, in small towns people know each other, which is not in the big cities. People get tired from a huge number of people in a big city, said the specialist.

«This is uncomfortable, because man is a social being, which forms the communication link. And in the big cities such links do not even want to form, because there’s a glut of some impersonal,» Imashev said.

In turn, Alder said that all people troubled by the same problems, but in a metropolis is almost always formed a huge crowd. In the interaction with the crowd is lost the feeling that it’s the people. The crowd is perceived as a large mass of people, often quite aggressive. Man it gets hard, scared in the crowd.

«It is important to try to minimize being in a crowd, in the same metro, there’s always more free cars. For example, on the Ring in the metro, it is better to sit in the first car, there is free. This lengthens the time of the transplant, but keeps quiet. Better to take the extra five to seven minutes on the road and stand on the platform,» — said the expert.

Experts told how to survive in the city© RIA Novosti / Maxim Aminobolin race: how the Moscow in comparison with other megapolice his opinion, there is a technology that works everywhere and always, in any interaction with the crowd. Very useful just to look at people and see people out of the crowd. «When you see this smiling something that is sad, it becomes easier. This is overwhelming as the crowd is greatly reduced,» — said the therapist.

To be alone

As noted by Alder, to any person for the recovery of the necessary moments of solitude, and it is important to switch on some occupation.

«I’m in the city driving around in the car, as these 25 minutes, I go from metro to the house, — a time when there is no around the crowd. When you can safely walk when you can digest day. It is very important not to drag work home with me. To operate a high rhythm this is particularly important,» — shared his experience the expert.

In turn Imashev said that road traffic is annoying people because all the time we need to be in a state of «combat readiness». People have a lot of fears and phobias.

«That to me all the time come with phobias. I do not have this, so a week passed, and no one with a phobia has not come,» she explained, adding that the city has a lot of phobias related to movement in space.

Equip your home

According to Alder, the same type of high without the features of the building can put pressure on the human psyche. Useful a weekend to travel in the old zone of the city where you can walk through the streets where each house has its architectural character. It helps to avoid the feeling of a huge oppressive city.

«If a person is heavily in crushing high-rise buildings, maybe he should look for housing not high-rises. It is also important when you’re looking for a place to live, no matter buying or renting, to pay attention to you liked the view from the window. At home it is important to rest,» he added.

Imashev said that there should be a house as a kind of refuge where the person will be calm. Not to paint the walls in bright colors, because the city already has enough stimuli.

«But the most important thing is to deal with his family that it was not just the rear that it was a place where nice to come back, where to draw the energy where you can calm your nerves, where you want to go back after work. And if there is a family conflict, you need to deal with them», she said.

Spend more time in nature

As noted by imasheva, human being, come from nature, so it is nearly all natural. For example, the people of pleasant green color and comfortable to watch on the natural landscape.

«In Moscow, a lot of bright colors, which is clearly not sustainable. The human psyche is not adapted to the buildings bright colors,» she added.

As noted by Alder, a feature of the city is that its inhabitants lost a sense of contact with the natural environment, so it’s important to walk through the Park and stay in a quiet environment.

«Almost always we can find 20 minutes to find a Park, in the end, if the yard is some kind of Playground, trees, you can walk around in the yard, sitting on a bench under the trees. If people come and have a walk around the surroundings of his home, then any square, Park will find 100% in a short walking distance», — said the therapist.

Sports and proper nutrition

According to Imasheva, meditation, and the faithful can pray. Also sports very good, healthy body, healthy spirit.

«Sports calm the nervous system, they strengthen not only the body but the nervous system too», — noted the psychologist.

Experts told how to survive in the city© Photo from personal archive Tatiana Joineusee and reality: how to change the life in the city for a long puteshestviyam expert thinks that a balanced diet improves the condition of the nervous system, but the main thing — to sleep. During sleep relieves stress, usually in the city people rarely have the opportunity to sleep.

As stressed by imasheva, alcohol in the short term is an antidepressant, but in the long term it is a depressant. There is such a thing as «alcoholic depression».

«All alcoholics suffer from alcohol depression. As this symptom is, of course, we are not talking about alcoholics, but about people who get drunk to set the mood. But in the long run it does not lead to anything good,» she added.