In Geneva begins the work of the Ministerial conference on Afghanistan

© Fotolia / Santosha57Вид to Geneva, Switzerland. Archival photoIn Geneva begins the work of the Ministerial conference on Afghanistan© Fotolia / Santosha57

International conference on Afghanistan at the Ministerial level on Tuesday begins its work in Geneva. The meeting devoted to questions of international assistance to the national reconciliation process in Afghanistan to review the implementation of the Afghan government’s reform program and support regional economic initiatives in Afghanistan.

Russia will be represented by the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. Moscow hopes to convince the conference to move, finally, from words to real peace-building in Afghanistan.

Solidarity with the Afghan people

The Ministerial conference will be held in Geneva on 27 and 28 November. It is organized jointly by the UN and the Afghan government, invitations were sent to 76 countries and 25 international organizations. It is expected that at the conclusion of the discussion the parties will take the final communique, which will indicate support for the development of Afghanistan and promoting peace and security in the country. Kabul, in the meeting should talk about the progress in the implementation of reforms, including in the area of food security, migration and Economics.

As stated to journalists the Russian President’s special envoy on Afghanistan, the head of the second Asia Department at the Russian foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov, Russia participates in the conference «to demonstrate solidarity with the Afghan people, who have suffered for long enough».

«However, we referred to the efforts that Russia is taking in order to put an end to the civil war in Afghanistan. It is in this context, on 9 November, we held a meeting of the Moscow format of consultations. And on November 28, the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov again about this recall,» said he.

According to Kabulov, many Western countries are trying to diminish the importance held in Moscow meeting. But Russia intends to insist that its importance was noted in the final communiqué of the Ministerial conference in Geneva.

To move from words to deeds

The diplomat stressed that Russia hopes to convince all participants of the Ministerial conference on Afghanistan to move from words to deeds and begin the process of peaceful settlement in the country. While Moscow has no high expectations that after Geneva talks the sooner you go the reconciliation process of the Afghan parties.

«We are realistic and we have such high expectations there. Have already held one conference, and in the year we have them a few passes and we still see no progress. Therefore, we are changing approaches. You can take any wonderful, correct document, but if not to engage in its practical implementation, and was engaged in the Moscow format at its meeting on November 9, nothing happens. So we will try to convince our colleagues participating in this conference, it’s time from the beautiful words to go to a specific practical Affairs,» he said.

Kabulov reminded that Russia already attempted in practice to implement the peace process in Afghanistan, after a meeting in Moscow format. However, the Afghan authorities have not shown proper responsibility.

«Russia has presented its specific proposals on 9 November at a meeting in Moscow of the format. We suggested that not only in words but in deeds and the Kabul government and the Taliban moved to the peace talks. The trouble is that the Taliban has arrived in Moscow, and Kabul instead of the official delegation sent a political delegation from the High peace Council. Here even if the Kabul government does not show proper responsibility that she must wait, as from the parties to the conflict in Afghanistan, it is difficult to count on success», — he said.

According to him, many Western countries also is not eager to engage in the specifics for promoting national reconciliation in Afghanistan. Moscow intends to continue its efforts in this direction and maintains contacts with all parties to the conflict.

In Moscow on November 9 in a closed format was the meeting on Afghanistan. For the first time in an international meeting of this level was attended by the delegation of the political office of the Taliban movement in Doha. From Afghanistan participated in the conference adopted the High peace Council, which, as reported by the Afghan Ministry of foreign Affairs, represented the government. As an observer, was attended by the representative of the United States. In Kabul, expressed hope that the meeting in Moscow will be direct talks between Afghan authorities and the Taliban.

Previously Deputy head of the High peace Council of Afghanistan (SMA) in a Meager Salim said that peace talks between Kabul and the radical movement «Taliban» has to start before the upcoming in April 2019 election of the President of the Republic.

The US special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad on the results of three days of negotiations with delegates of the Taliban in Qatar have expressed hope that a peace agreement between the warring parties in Afghanistan will be achieved by 20 April of the following year — the expected date of the presidential election. In this regard, Khalilzad urged the Taliban «to use all the existing possibilities» to end the bloodshed in Afghanistan.