Jeff Monson explained why fell in love with Russia

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in potovanje Monson. Archival photoJeff Monson explained why fell in love with Russia© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

American athlete Jeff Monson, who received Russian citizenship, said that he chose Russia is she chose him, and he loved her with all my heart.

«Why Russia?» — ask my friends. I think I didn’t choose Russia but Russia chose me. Russians are wonderful people, very generous. Yesterday I walked through the Park, frozen, and a gentleman offered me his gloves, he didn’t even recognize me,» said Monson in the debate about the benefits of life in Russia at Synergy Global Forum 2018.

The fighter also remembered the incident that happened with him a few years ago in Penza.

«I fought in Penza, in an interview before the fight I said, «As for you, Penza?» I replied that the town is great, but I am sad because my mother is now in USA is sick with cancer. The next day was a battle, after which I walked around the city, I was approached by an elderly man and gave a homemade icon. He said, «I don’t know your mom, but tell her that icon and tell me it’s from Russia with love,» said Monson, confessing that he loved Russia with all my heart.

According to the athlete, he would «with great pleasure took the idea» if his children wanted to live in Russia.

«I have one of the sons studying medicine, comes to Russia to study. The mentality of the Russian people is the heart and soul. After all, the sense of belonging to people much more important than what you can put in your pocket» — he said.

Multiple world champion in JIU-jitsu and a grappling, mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson has received a Russian passport in Day of Russia on June 12. According to him, he intends to build in Russia a political career. In the fall become a member of the Council of the city of Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region, but in the future is going to «grow» and to the state Duma.