New head of Nissan will appoint to the Board of Directors on 17 December, the media are writing

© AP Photo / Shizuo KambayashiЛоготип Nissan. Archival photoNew head of Nissan will appoint to the Board of Directors on 17 December, the media are writing© AP Photo / Shizuo Kambayashi

The new head of the automaker Nissan is arrested Carlos Ghosn will be appointed by the Board of Directors on December 17, reported by the Japanese Agency Jiji on Tuesday.

The current President of the company, Hiroto Saikawa there are plenty of chances to hold this post, however, is on a temporary basis.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested last Monday on suspicion that he has not declared all of their income. The amount is hidden from the Declaration of income from 2010 through 2017 is estimated at 8 billion yen (about 71 million). And prosecutors suspect that he personally gave orders about it to one of the members of the Board of Directors, also arrested on Monday, Greg Kelly. On Sunday, the media reported the first indications of Rut. Carlos Ghosn told investigators that he had no intent of concealment of income.

As found by the Japanese Prosecutor’s office, Carlos Ghosn understated data in the income Declaration from 2010 to 2017 by approximately 8 billion yen (about 71 million). Until 2010, in which the Declaration of the high-income of the company became mandatory, he received a year of 2 billion yen ($18 million). Then, fearing criticism in receiving inflated wages, it was provided only half that amount, and the second half about 1 billion yen (9 million dollars), «postponed», to get then after retirement as severance pay and contracts for consulting services of the company. According to Japanese law, severance pay must also be declared as soon as it becomes known its amount.

In addition, on Tuesday in mass-media there were messages that their losses in the amount of 1.7 billion yen ($15 million) from a failed investment, the gon conducted as a private person, he was written off by the company.

Also earlier it was reported that the head of the Board of Directors Carlos Ghosn purchased a property in Paris, Beirut, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam with company money. Their acquisition was in no way due to official or commercial necessity, they were in the Rut and his family. The purchase and construction of apartments Nissan is estimated at several billion yen (several tens of millions of dollars). The company considered that in this case, the gon was required to specify them in the Declaration of income, as used company funds for their own purposes.

The group has provided this information to the Prosecutor. The acquisition of real estate took place with the direct participation of a member of the Board of Directors, the right hand of Gon – Greg Kelly. He gave orders to the Executive Directors on the transaction as the purchase of apartments on the corporate media. The Prosecutor’s office was able to negotiate with several of them that they will be made concessions in the case of the provision of information and cooperation with the investigation.