The abbess of the Pokrovsky monastery, invited Putin to visit the monastery

© Photo : Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women’s monastery, Pokrovsky stavropegic convent of the intercession at the gates of Moscow. Archive photoThe abbess of the Pokrovsky monastery, invited Putin to visit the monastery© Photo : Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women’s monastery

The abbess of the Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women’s monastery in Moscow hegumeness Feofania at the presentation of state awards in the Kremlin invited the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to visit the monastery.

Hegumeness Feofania received from the President of the Order of merit of the Fatherland IV degree.

«Thank you for such a high award. It is historically important. And thank the Lord that the Lord will help us to restore a monument of Federal importance, which the Moscow Patriarchate is entrusted me is the intercession convent, which is visited by millions of pilgrims. I want to thank for what we have restored the convent of the intercession, three farmsteads, a temple — one Osypanie mother of God, another Trinity Cathedral. It is a monument of UNESCO. Ten houses and wooden architecture. Very beautiful territory, the highest point of the Moscow river. Such a beautiful place that you must visit and see this wooden architecture,» said hegumeness Feofania at the ceremony on Tuesday.

Putin in the Kremlin on Tuesday presenting state awards to figures of culture and sports.