«The regime is not eternal.» Poroshenko is trying to deceive Patriarch Bartholomew

© AP Photo / Lefteris PitarakisПрезидент of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul«The regime is not eternal.» Poroshenko is trying to deceive Patriarch Bartholomew© AP Photo / Lefteris Pitarakis

In Istanbul on Tuesday will begin a three-day meeting of the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, from which all are watching the situation waiting for setting the date for a «unifying Council» of churches in Ukraine, the first schismatic. In fact unknown, will announce whether the Synod of that date. Meanwhile, despite the warnings of Constantinople, Kiev authorities have already started screening the property from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), encroaching on the Pochaev Lavra. And all for the dream of «independence of the Church.» As it turned out, Poroshenko is wishful thinking, not only Ukrainians, but also Patriarch Bartholomew.

«Blood temple»

«Remember how we clung on a tiny patch of the front of the Lutsk Cathedral, and down — raging in the cordon of Riot police the sea of angry mobs with sticks and posters like «down with Maskovskiy Church!» Remember the 20-kilometer procession from Kremenets in Pochaiv in support of the besieged Pochaev Lavra. Etched in the memory of the newspaper — as the quintessence of what was happening: «the Temple is closed. On the steps of the blood…»

This evidence Ukrainian journalist Sergei Haruka after a visit to Western Ukraine in 1992, in the midst of Church conflict. Then the nationalists, who supported the split of the future self-proclaimed Patriarch Filaret Denysenko, with complete loyalty to President Kravchuk tried to seize one of the main shrines of the Orthodox world.

«As of today, the protection of the Holy place, provides obscure public organization that cannot in principle be empowered to provide the functions of protection. … Required to ensure adequate protection by law enforcement agencies,» said the MPs.

But a half months ago, the Patriarchate of Constantinople was urged «to avoid the appropriation of churches, monasteries and other objects, as well as any other act of violence and retaliation» in Ukraine.

But a secular Kiev acts differently, despite numerous promises not to touch those who disagree with the autocephaly of the «believers of the Russian Church.»


«Unification Council» is needed to elect the head of the new Church structure — to whom Patriarch Bartholomew will present the document on autocephaly, the Tomos.

«This is primarily an internal Church matter: who choose, and choose. … The state cannot and will not intervene in this case. This is just one of the indicators that the separation of Church and state, and the state from the Church. This is so» — said the TV channel Zik Rostyslav Pavlenko, Advisor to the President in charge, according to RIA Novosti, the Church project.

The phrase independence of the spiritual from the secular, like a mantra, repeats the President: Ukraine is a secular state in which religious organizations have equal rights. And immediately refutes this thesis by their actions.

With what all began? In April the President asked Patriarch Bartholomew «to complete the establishment of the independence of Ukraine.»

«As head of state of Ukraine, representing its citizens — including those who belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox community, which, through the baptism received from Constantinople the Mother Church 1030 years ago, profess the Orthodox Christian faith — I ask you to grant the Tomos of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine», — said in the appeal of Poroshenko.

Faithful of the canonical UOC, who said about the arrogant interference of authorities in internal Church Affairs, in the administration Poroshenko pointed to the Constitution, according to which the President is the guarantor of the rights and freedoms of citizens. Referring to Patriarch Bartholomew, he cared about the rights of the Ukrainians who want to create «independence of the Church.»

However, this gave occasion to the lawyers of the NGO «Rule of law» to file in October a lawsuit against the President, accusing him of abuse of power and violation of the constitutional principle of the independence of the Church from the state. A few weeks later the representative of the Respondent sent an explanation, which contained a very important phrase.

«The President did not fulfill state management functions during the writing and direction of circulation (Patriarch Bartholomew. — Approx. ed.)», — reads the response from Bankova (street in Kiev where the presidential administration. — Approx. ed.) to the claim.

That is, Poroshenko appealed to the Patriarch as a private person. However, even in Constantinople Patriarchate has repeatedly stressed his role as head of multi-million Orthodox state.

«Thus, on the basis of the position of our President that any citizen of Ukraine can change the course of history and affect global issues of the device of the Orthodox Church or any other religious organizations,» — commented the Director of «Rule of law» Alexey Starodubov.

Ambitions above faith

Meanwhile, on 3 November, on behalf of the Ukrainian citizens, the President signed with Patriarch Bartholomew agreement to «accelerate the process of talent Thomas». The content of the document is still silent as on Bankova street and at the Phanar (Istanbul district, where the residence of the Primate of the Church of Constantinople — Approx. ed).

In Constantinople know perfectly well that the Poroshenko regime is not eternal, he said. However, «customers and performers Autocephalous project» simply turn a blind eye to all the problems.

«Yes, Poroshenko lied to Patriarch Bartholomew. But hope that this will become an obstacle to minimize the Autocephalous of the project, it is not necessary», — the expert concludes.