On Altai will appear first in Russia, the production of components for battery

© Depositphotos / maxxyustasАвтомобильные batteries. Archival photoOn Altai will appear first in Russia, the production of components for battery© Depositphotos / maxxyustas

Processing plant lead «a Month» from Krasnoyarsk will be the first in Russia and the world’s third largest manufacturer of components for automotive batteries (battery) — pole pieces, according to the regional Department of entrepreneurship and market infrastructure.

The company has already built a new shop and in December will begin to set in this equipment, the purchase of which was allocated 1.2 million euros, said the Director of the plant Andrey Epanchin.

According to him, all the world’s battery manufacturers are using tips manufactured in two factories in Germany. The company intends next year to propose to the manufacturers of batteries in Russia and the former CIS countries domestic tips.

To provide the enterprise with raw materials — spent battery — plant has launched a project «Ecomobile». The company has converted 12 of vans into mobile points of reception of waste batteries. Each one has special boxes for storage and transportation of batteries.

«So we are creating the infrastructure of a civilized treatment of dangerous wastes» — said Ivanchin.

The cost of the project «Ecomobile» — 50 million rubles. For its implementation, the company used the government received a financial guarantee of the regional guarantee institution for 10 million rubles. Such assistance, local authorities have to increase investment attractiveness of Altai region, said the regional management in the development of entrepreneurship and market infrastructure.