Stalin in Tehran gave the allies the Crimean champagne, said the historian

© RIA Novosti / Artem to Greenskeepers in photobacteria factory of sparkling wines New world in the Crimea. Archival photoStalin in Tehran gave the allies the Crimean champagne, said the historian© RIA Novosti / Artem to Greenskeepers the image Bank

Crimean champagne were served to US President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill at a reception on behalf of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin during the Tehran conference in 1943, told RIA Novosti adviser to the Director of the Federal security service of Russia, doctor of historical Sciences Sergei Devyatov, citing the memoirs of the former chief bodyguard of Stalin, the General-Lieutenant Nikolay Vlasik.

That at the reception were served champagne, Vlasic recounted in his memoirs, which were declassified a few years ago. How Vlasic wrote, Roosevelt liked the drink, and by order of Stalin to the U.S. President was sent a box of this drink. Where it has been released that champagne was not specified.

«It was novosvetovskoe Crimean champagne. Yes, champagne in the Soviet Union did in other places, but you can’t mix classic production of the drink, as in the New world, and the factory method. They are fundamentally different. In Tehran were served a classic champagne,» said Devyatov in an interview to mark the 75th anniversary of the Tehran conference.

«New world» — the enterprise for the production of sparkling wines to the classic French champagne bottle method, located in the village of Novy Svet in the South-East of the Crimea. The company was founded in 1878 by Prince Lev Golitsyn. In 1890 was begun the bottling of champagne on an industrial scale. The company had been the honorary title of «Supplier of his Imperial Majesty.»

In 1896 in honor of the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II Prince Golitsyn has provided to the court party of its champagne under the brand name «Crown». It was the first time in the history of the coronation of Russian emperors, when to the court were filed by non-French wine. In 1900 at the world exhibition in Paris Golitsyn, Novyi Svet champagne was awarded Grand Prix. Now the House of sparkling wines «New world» produces several brands of champagne and sparkling wines.

Wednesday marked 75 years since the beginning of the Tehran conference – included in world history the meeting of leaders of USSR, USA and great Britain Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, which was developed and adopted specific plans for the final defeat of Nazi Germany and its allies, and the postwar arrangement of the world.