The Russians should feel the benefit from pension funds, says Putin

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the investment forum VTB Capital Russia calling!The Russians should feel the benefit from pension funds, says Putin© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

The pension funds in Russia should be directed to the Russians felt the rewards of investing their savings in them, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

«It is a subject which, of course, we also always discussed. We are not closing the topic of pension funds and savings, private and public. We believe that these funds, their work should be organized so that these advantages are obviously felt by those people who allocate their money to these pension funds, so that nothing fell apart, so they are effectively managed, so people can feel the benefit from the fact that they Deposit the savings in these funds. So inflation is not affected so that the money is gone, so they were balanced, realistic and effective economic policy,» Putin said during the plenary session of the forum «Russia calling»

«This is due to the need to ensure that the interests of those Russian citizens who trust their money in these pension funds,» he added.