Experts commented on the results of the Congress of the popular front

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Onf, conducted a large-scale rotation and selecting the new leadership of the movement, whose membership included representatives of the election headquarters of the President of the Russian Federation, stressed the proximity to the first person and indicated the trend to update management class, according to political analysts interviewed by RIA Novosti.

On Thursday at the Congress of the popular front passed re-election of co-chairs of the Central headquarters of the organization: instead of three in the leadership of the front has five members — the President of Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology Leonid Roshal, head of the education Fund «Talent and success» Elena Shmelev, General Director of «KAMAZ» Sergey Kogogin, Vice-rector of the Academy and Director General of ANO «Russia — country of opportunities» Alexey Komissarov, Executive Secretary of the Russian public movement «Search movement of Russia» Elena Sanaeva.

Relevance and proximity to the first person

According to the head of Fund «the Petersburg policy» Michael Vinogradova, the onf was important to show that they are still relevant and active, and a large rotation, involvement in the leadership of the front people from the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin, this strongly promoted.

«Change of co-chairs is a way of being heard, moreover, in the framework of the rotation needed to find some kind of symbolic direct access to the first person… But the point was to show that the BIP exists, a turbulence which is felt in the air, but does not affect the already established institutions, also needed to show that Putin is still interested in onf», — said Vinogradov.

Partly agrees with this opinion and the political scientist Alexander Konkov, who also notes the symbolic significance of the election of co-chairs Shmelev and Kogogin. However, the analyst believes that their appearance in the leadership of the popular front should not be regarded only from this angle. «Of course, what Shmelev and Kogogin was the headquarters (President), has a value of both people famous enough to have gained good weight… what they have entered in onf, will allow you to restart the frontline and use their achievements obtained in the field of society», — he said.

Care politicians and bet on new managers

According to Konkov, now the people’s front has relied on the social structure, therefore, policies depart from the manual, this explains the leaving of the co-chairs Olga Timofeeva.

«Olga Timofeyeva was one of the initiators and activists of the popular front, but now she became a professional Deputy, she is in the state Duma, and on the other hand attracted Elena Shmelev and Sergei Kogogin, who were co-chairs of the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin, and now the emphasis is on such social structures. It is also a continuation of the trend that in the beginning of the election campaign, Putin announced,» — said the analyst.

The expert added that the arrival of the leadership of the front of such authorities as Leonid Roshal, will contribute to greater refinement of the popular front, its integration in the industrial sector, in particular health, education, industry, staffing the projects. «This will allow the integration of such a large pool of people who became involved in the project «Leaders of Russia» in order to enable them to enrich the onf,» he says.

In turn, the expert of Institute gumanitarno-political researches Vladimir Slatinov has noted that the appearance in the composition of the co-chairs Komissarova clearly shows the idea of updating the managerial class in Russia.

«This is a new story, a request for renewal of the managerial class in Russia, it is large enough, in principle the Kremlin understands this. And «Leaders of Russia» is a project which is the update request, thus, the presence Komissarova in this list is a kind of tribute or a demonstration that the question of the renewal of the managerial class, the managerial elite is also among the priorities of the Kremlin,» said Slatinov.

The new composition of the National front, puts Slatinov, representerait and present the basic functions of onf, and the priorities that are stated in the new term of Putin.

«And, accordingly, onf that is the structure that these priorities and achieve these objectives will be monitored, will also acquaint the public with the achievement of these goals, and to help in this too,» he said.

Control over the may decree

According to Konkov, reboot and adjustment of those major activities that onf has developed in previous years were necessary.

«It is clear that the outcome of a major election cycles in front of are already less combat, but more creative tasks associated with the implementation of the promises made by the candidates of the popular front in its electoral activities. On the other hand, of course, the need for control over execution of the may decree… on the Basis of this and the need to consider the dynamics we are witnessing today, in particular, to attract new individuals in the leadership,» he said.

Slatinov also notes that an important role of the onf will be that it will likely be to monitor the execution of the may decree. «It may be some organization that will monitor 204 of the decree», — said the expert.

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