In Belarus, commented on the incident in the Kerch Strait

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Belarus hopes that the parties occurred on Sunday of the conflict in the Black sea and «external players» do not take steps that will lead to the escalation of the situation, said on Thursday in Minsk the Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei.

On Sunday, three ships of naval forces of Ukraine «Berdyansk», «Nikopol» and «Yana Kapu» — violated the state border of Russia, included in the temporarily closed waters of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation and moved from the Black sea to Kerch Strait. They maneuvered in a dangerous manner, did not obey the lawful demands of the Russian authorities. The Ukrainian ship with 24 sailors were arrested, three Ukrainian military were wounded, they are hospitalized and receive medical care, seafarers ‘ lives are not threatened. After the incident concerning them criminal case on illegal crossing of the state border.

«We are convinced that the parties to the conflict are aware of their responsibility for the situation in the region, for regional security. I would not like to and from external players, too, we heard some emotional statements that, in the end, the result will only lead to further increased tensions», — said the Minister to journalists.

According to him, «what is happening today in the region near the Kerch Strait, confirms the relevance and realism of the warnings that have repeatedly expressed the head of state that we (world editor) will gradually slide into the abyss of conflict».

«We indirectly and directly feel the results, the consequences of this confrontation. Of course, we would like to have taken no further steps, which could lead to further increased tensions in the region, because it can have an impact not only on regional security but international security as a whole,» said Mackay.

He added that Minsk has always declared its readiness «to contribute, if this is acceptable to the relevant political players to resolve the situation and defuse the tensions that unfortunately are present in our region.»

The head of the foreign Ministry of Belarus said that the Belarusian side was not direct contact with involved in an incident in the Kerch Strait sides regarding this situation. «At the level of the foreign Ministry tracked the statements that were made, and the one and the other side. But direct contact was not. Of course, it would be important to from one and from the other hand objective information to have your real analysis of the situation related to the incident,» he said.

Mackay also expressed the hope that the introduction in some regions of Ukraine of martial law that followed the incident in the Black sea, will not affect relations between Kiev and Minsk. «As for our economic, trade, humanitarian contacts and ties, we hope that any negative consequences of this decision will not bring», — he said.

The Minister noted that at present the Belarusian foreign Ministry collects information on the subject and, when analysed, will provide recommendations to the Belarusian citizens. In this regard, he reminded that the Ukrainian Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Kizim previously spoken on this subject that there are no restrictions in terms of travel of citizens of Belarus is not expected.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident in the Kerch Strait provocation, noting that among the crew members of Ukrainian vessels violating border of the Russian Federation, were two employees of the security service of Ukraine, who actually led the operation. Meanwhile, Putin stressed that Russian border guards had performed their functions for the protection of the state border. According to him, the provocation in the Black sea tied to a low rating of the President of Ukraine ahead of the elections.

On Thursday in Ukraine entered into force the law on the introduction of martial law in ten regions of the country. Ukrainian authorities imposed it after the Ukrainian Navy ships violated the border of Russia and was detained by Russian ships. The mode will operate for 30 days and provides for the possibility of temporary restriction of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, including the right to participate in elections, to freedom of thought and speech.

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