Migrants in Mexico are going on hunger strike for asylum in the United States

© AP Photo / Marco UgarteМигранты from Central America near Veracruz, Mexico. 5 November 2018Migrants in Mexico are going on hunger strike for asylum in the United States© AP Photo / Marco Ugarte

A group of Central American migrants stranded in the border area of Mexico and the United States, intends to go on hunger strike to be given asylum in the United States.

As the portal to Universal, in the coming days the leaders of the migrants decide whether to resort to this measure as a means of «easing» the position of the American authorities, who do not intend to let them into their territory.

Just shelter in Tijuana accumulated, according to the latest data, more than 6 thousand immigrants from the countries of Central America, mainly from Honduras. On Sunday some of them attempted to break through across the border, but they were stopped. American security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets, causing resentment in Mexico, who demanded explanations about it.

At the same time, the Mexican government announced that harshly react to the illegal actions of the migrants and deport to his homeland of those who took part in these actions. We already know about the beginning of the expulsion 98 of the approximately 500 migrants who were trying to break through the American border.