SC opened a case after the death of a pregnant woman in the hospital Omsk

© Fotolia / Sudok1Палата of resuscitation and intensive therapy. Archival photoSC opened a case after the death of a pregnant woman in the hospital Omsk© Fotolia / Sudok1

Insurance investigators in Omsk after checking opened a criminal case on causing death by negligence of a pregnant 25-year-old woman in one of the local hospitals, said on Thursday SUCK in the region.

«According to reports from the media about the death of a young woman in a medical facility conducted pre-investigation checks, the results of which criminal case on signs of the crime provided by article of the criminal code «Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties», — is spoken in the message.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry, 23 October 2018 in the regional budget health care institution «Gynecological hospital» because of a poorly rendered medical care died were in the ninth week of pregnancy, 25-year-old woman who underwent treatment for threatened miscarriage.

Earlier in the Ministry of health of the Omsk region, RIA Novosti reported that the patient October 23 ambulance arrived to the hospital with complaints of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. In the emergency room she was examined by the duty obstetrician-gynecologist, examined and treated. In the evening during rounds she was in the house in a satisfactory condition, but after 25 minutes one of the patients found the woman in the bathroom unconscious.

According to oblmedzdrav in the next five minutes the woman was taken to the intensive care unit with a clinical picture of acute pulmonary heart disease and ensured a ventilator, but despite the event, she died. The pathologist revealed massive thromboembolism of pulmonary trunk and its branches, and that was the cause of death.