SKYF presented in Kazan is able to carry up to 400 kg of cargo drones

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Codekaizen. Archival photoSKYF presented in Kazan is able to carry up to 400 kg of cargo drones© RIA Novosti / Alexey kudenko

The company SKYF producing heavy air cargo, Autonomous drones capable of carrying loads of up to 400 kilograms, on Thursday held demonstration flights of machines for ignorabat and delivery, in 2020 the company plans to produce 100 drones, said the General Director SKYF Alexander Timofeev.

SKYF – unmanned air cargo platform vertical take-off and landing. It allows you to develop unmanned aerial vehicles of different modifications to solve different tasks – from logistics and cargo handling fields to extinguish fires. At the moment, platform capacity up to 400 pounds, range up to 350 km (with a load capacity of 50 kilograms), flight duration – up to 8 hours (with a capacity of 50 kilograms). The company is a SKOLKOVO resident, the developer of the platform SKYF is located in Kazan, production at the Kazan Technopolis «Khimgrad».

«In the season of 2019, we plan to launch five vehicles in agrovartai in practical application in Tatarstan, we will conduct a timing study the actual fuel consumption… On all five machines we already have partners. For 2020, we plan to manufacture 100 units, and is already discussing with customers in pre-orders,» said Timofeev reporters.

However, he noted that in the first stage, the first year the company has no plans to sell the devices. «We create together with partners of regional operators that will provide services. First, we are working on the service delivery model and about a year later, when will be clear the economy will be worked out when all the processes are going to offer to buy the machines, because it will already be clear how they operate,» he said.

According to Timofeev, the company already today there are 29 customers for the provision of services – of the agricultural holdings (pollination and other field work) and oil production (delivery of goods to remote areas), but the «firm contracts» with them SKYF plans to sign sometime before the end of next year. The commercial value of one of the aircraft, according to him, is about 250 thousand dollars.

The head of the company said that the project to date has invested more than $ 6 million in private investment, and also received a grant under the program «national technology initiative» to 244 million rubles. «Now we have 30% private investor invests 70% — the state. Grant STI – 244 million roubles for 3 years plus their 100 million. For 3 years (2018-2020) total investment plan – about 350 million rubles,» — he added.

As noted by the Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan – Minister of Informatization and communications Roman Shaikhutdinov, this project is important for the Republic in the field of agriculture, remote sensing of the earth (the preparation of information for the Federal registration service) and forestry. In addition, according to him, there are prospects for further collaboration of the project team SKYF and specialists of Innopolis University. The Republic is ready to continue to support this project.

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