The foreign Ministry explained why the foreign media must obtain the status of inherent

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in photobacteria the foreign Ministry. Archival photoThe foreign Ministry explained why the foreign media must obtain the status of inherent© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

Moscow will continue to grant the status registered as foreign agents in Russia for foreign media in the response, while relevant to Russian media abroad does not come to normal, said acting Deputy Director of the Department of information and press of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maxim Buyakevich.

«Response in relation to the media of those countries that apply unjustified and contrary to the basic international legal obligations and legal constraints, is our sacred right, which we in particular have already implemented in a number of American media in Russia. This refers to the label «foreign agent», — he said at the round table «Freedom of expression in the digital environment in the context of the discussion on international information security at relevant international platforms».

«In the future, we, with great regret, forced to this practice as a response to continue, with the understanding that we will immediately remove any restrictions on foreign media in Russia, as only our media would be there normally,» he added.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the end of November last year signed a law on the status of a foreign agent to the media. According to the text of the law, registered as a foreign agent can be recognized by the media receiving financial support from foreign States or organizations. Later, the Ministry of justice has included in the list of registered as a foreign agent operating in Russia, nine media, including «Voice of America» and «Radio Liberty». Amendments to the status of the media —foreign agents have become a forced response to the oppression of the Russian media in USA and, in particular, on the recognition of RT America as a foreign agent. While it’s not criticized the American authorities for the policy of limitations for the Russian media. Press Secretary of the CE Secretary General Daniel Holtgen, commenting on the Russian law, called the «unfortunate» label of the media to be registered as a foreign agent, regardless of where this occurs, calling the freedom of the media «an important component of any democracy.»