The main prize of the Russian film Festival awarded the film «Trick»

© Photo : press service of the Festival street Festival street cinemaeditor movie Alexey Kharitonov. Archive photoThe main prize of the Russian film Festival awarded the film «Trick»© Photo : press service of the Festival of street movie

The winner of the Russian Festival of street movie was the short film «the Bribe,» Alexei Kharitonov, he was awarded a prize in the form of a lantern — the symbol of the show, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The fifth annual Festival of street movie took place from June to September in Russia. Jubilee show of the best Russian short films visited more than 450 thousand spectators in 823 cities and towns, it became the most massive in the world of watching a movie under the open sky. At the end of the festival the judges have selected nine applicants for the main prize. The awarding ceremony took place on Wednesday at Lumiere hall in Moscow.

«The main thing of the festival is the lantern. We decided the first place to give to the class a stylized lantern. He was one of a kind, as nowhere else. This is for the movie «the Bribe», — said the General producer of the festival Alexander Serakov.

According to the producer, the audience before the shows in different cities were given lanterns, which they lit to vote for their favourite film.

«Thank you, thank you to the producers who believed in our «Bribe». I’d like to thank not only producers, but actors who agreed to play in his debut film. We all wanted this prize,» said the film’s Director.

The film starred well-known actors Mikhail Trukhin, Sergey Burunov, Nicholas, Kovbas, Sergei Annenkov and Alexander Revenko. In the story the hero offers the investigator a bribe to close the case about the bribe.

Shortly before the close of the festival team launched a competition for young filmmakers with a top prize of 1 million rubles. During the month anyone could make a short film and apply on the official website of the project. The winner was the film «to Live» Ivan Semenenko.

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