Trump has threatened to declassify the documents of the investigation Muller

© RIA Novosti / Press service of the President to Opperate in Photobacterium USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump has threatened to declassify the documents of the investigation Muller© RIA Novosti / Press service of the President to Opperate the image Bank

The US President Donald trump has said that he can declassify documents relating to the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller if the Democrats will begin inspections of its administration.

«If they (the Democrats — ed.) want to harass the President and his administration, I think it will be the best thing that could happened to me. I give back, and I hit him as hard as never before he had not been hit,» said trump in an interview with the New York Post.

According to the President, the disclosure document will expose directed against him a conspiracy between the FBI, the U.S. justice Department and the campaign of former candidate of the US President from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

«I think it will help my campaign. If they want to play hardball, I’ll do it. They will see how destructive are these pages,» said trump. He added that he will retain the documents for as long as they are needed.

«It (the disclosure of documents — ed.) will have a more powerful effect if I do it then,» said trump, noting that «if we’ve done it, it would be yesterday’s news.»

In September, press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders reported that at the request of several congressional committees and «for the purpose of transparency» the US President has ordered the office of the Director of national intelligence and the DOJ (including the FBI) to declassify some material on the Russian investigation. Trump also instructed «to publish in open access all SMS (the former head of the FBI) James Komi (former Deputy Director FBI) Andrew McCabe, (former agent of FBI counterintelligence) Peter Straka, (attorney FBI) Fox and Paige (former high-ranking employee of the justice Department) Bruce Ora associated with the investigation on Russia, without editing». Later, trump decided to postpone the publication of documents. At the same time, the President stressed that he can declassify the documents, «if necessary».

The investigation alleged Russian intervention in the us election, and also alleged links of President Donald trump with Russia that contradict the White house and the Kremlin, conducted independent special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, as well as in the U.S. Congress. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called allegations of meddling in the election «completely unfounded».