Without NGOs, it is impossible to achieve breakthroughs, he said

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in potomacfever Putin. Archival photoWithout NGOs, it is impossible to achieve breakthroughs, he said© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said about the impossibility of achieving breakthrough solutions in the priority areas without public participation.

«We are ambitious, just ambitious tasks, the implementation of which is aimed unprecedented big money for the state, for society and for the country and for me as one of the initiators of these software products. It is very important to do it properly, so we don’t blow the money, and have achieved significant results, which we expect from these large-scale public investment. You need to at each of the areas that we set as a priority, was achieved breakthrough solutions. This cannot be done without the participation of public organizations, including, primarily, such as onf», — Putin said Thursday at a Congress of the Russian popular front.

According to him, the onf is an important structure because it works directly with the people.

«Onf is important for the state structure by virtue of the fact that it is not bureaucratic, works directly from the people and by the people, feels that you need a specific person and has the ability to influence, monitor and control the implementation,» he said.

In addition, Putin said that onf created a good expertise that helps in specific areas, noting the achievements in the field of ecology and the field of road construction.

«Onf has created a good expertise that helps in specific areas in the field of ecology eleven thousand illegal landfills closed, in the field of road construction control of the actual work, and not what is written on the paper. This is extremely important,» he said.