Argentina will host the summit of G20 leaders

© AP Photo / Natacha AMO Aires on the eve of the G20 summitArgentina will host the summit of G20 leaders© AP Photo / Natacha Pisarenko

The leaders of the 20 largest economies (G20) will meet on Friday and Saturday in Buenos Aires, this will be the last this year an international event of such a high level.

Announced the presidency of the group, Argentina the theme of the summit is quite traditional — trade, digital economy, climate change, sustainable development, gender equality. But most importantly, how often it happens, is out: the world will follow the USA and China will try to emerge from trade wars (and will try if at all), both in Buenos Aires will meet the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for the first time after the assassination of the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul of a prominent journalist Jamal Casucci and shake each other’s hands, the leaders of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.

For the first time the intrigue of the G20 summit will be to agree the text of the final communiqué: whether 20 leaders to agree on ways of further development of the world, or they will «perform» Argentine tango, preferring to dance in pairs, without concluding the multilateral agreements.

Every man for himself

The Association is so conceptually different from each other from the absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia before the parliamentary Republic of Germany — this year marked ten years: the first summit of the «group of twenty» held in 2008 in Washington. Then, in the midst of the global financial crisis, the leaders had no other choice but work together to confront economic disaster. Today, world powers still far from unity.

«Now there is increased competition for leadership in systems integration, integration groups. The G20 summit is one of the few formats where are formed the laws and regulations on economic relationships, this summit attracts attention as one of the grounds for the coordination of positions between the warring parties,» — said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the expert of the Russian international Affairs Council (RIAC) Dmitry Streltsov.

The final communiqué will not re-sign?

A month ago there was no reason to doubt the approval of the final Declaration of the «big twenty».

«Until recently, the G20 summits ended in complete success during the discussion of common economic problems. At all previous summits has been able to develop a common position on exchange rates development of the world economy, on issues such as, for example, the fight against offshore companies, the stabilization of global Finance and so on. But after the failure of the recent APEC summit due to trade disputes between the US and China already see that the differences have been long not only in the political sphere, but also in the economic sphere», — said RIA Novosti head of the Center Voyenno-political researches of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Batiuk. At the APEC meeting in Papua New Guinea in mid-November for the first time was not agreed final Declaration.

So, according to the expert, the probability not to reach consensus this time is quite large. «I have serious doubts about whether these problems and contradictions to be overcome and to develop a Declaration. What is the point to adopt a communiqué, if there will be shared issues that concern the ruling circles and the masses? So the final Declaration under threat,» — said Batiuk.

Even if the leaders will reach agreement on the outcome document of the summit, it is likely to contain only common words, believes the archers.

«The G20 is not the format where you can be reached any consensus on a difficult problem, especially since now so many problems in trade. The world economy is suffering from protectionism, division for regional apartments, the lack of any new sources of growth and stagnation. Now all are not interested in the conflict to inflate, and to find some common denominators with the goal to spur economic development,» — said the expert.

For some meetings it is important to follow

Reason to doubt the success of the Argentine summit, due to trade disputes between the US and China, so it is not surprising that the negotiations the leaders Donald trump and President XI Jinping will be focused on the focus.

Yet the statements of the parties of optimism for those who trade war brought only losses, not cause. The us President earlier described as «unlikely» that he will accept China’s proposal not to raise tariffs on Chinese imports cost $ 200 billion from the current 10% to 25%. Moreover, he did not rule out the imposition of duties on products worth 267 billion dollars, even on parts for the iPhone if the deal with China is not concluded.

Expert archers predicts that the parties at the summit will announce the selected proposals for overcoming the current conflict situation, however «at this stage it is difficult to expect any breakthrough decisions.» «Is the U.S. position, is the position of China, in General in the world there is a kind of polarization, there is also the position of Japan, European countries and Pacific rim countries that are interested in eliminating protectionism. The position will be announced, a potential for conflict get reflected at the summit. But everything will be done to prevent these conflicts to spill out,» — he said.

Argentina will host the summit of G20 leaders© AP Photo / Gustavo GarelloВ Argentina protests against the G20 summit, write, Smita not the only important trade negotiations that are expected these days in Argentina. Thus, the United States, Canada and Mexico plan to sign a new agreement on free trade instead of NAFTA. Now it will be called the less euphonic name of USMCA (T-MEC in Mexico).

With regard to the trade war between the US and China, for many countries it only on hand, including Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin said that this situation creates for the country a window of opportunity. The situation may intensify and the bloc BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), the heads of the member States which will meet in Buenos Aires.

The Russian President, according to his assistant Yuri Ushakov, «will speak about the existing imbalances in world trade, the problems associated with the escalation of trade conflicts, our view of the cases of unilateral constraints» and offer «a number of measures aimed at strengthening the role of the world trade organization as a single forum for the resolution of disputes and dialogue on global trade and economic issues.»

Argentina will host the summit of G20 leaders© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal fotoangelo meeting in may and Putin at the G20 summit held not planimetered what people think about this the US may learn directly will not work: the full-format talks between Putin and trump may not take place. On Tuesday the White house confirmed a meeting of leaders on the sidelines of the summit in Buenos Aires, but just a couple of hours the American President has sown doubt in this. «Maybe I’m not going to hold a meeting… I don’t like this aggression. I don’t want aggression,» said trump. Didn’t like him the incident in the Kerch Strait, during which Ukrainian ships violated the border of Russia and was arrested.

«Despite what he calls aggression,» — responded the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. «If he calls aggression the actions of the Ukrainian military ships is one thing. You can argue whether it was aggression or not. If he calls aggression the actions of Russian border guards to prevent attempts to breach the state border of Russia is another. We do not agree,» he said, noting that Moscow believes that the meeting will be held.

The Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov reported earlier and the date of the alleged meeting on December 1, as well as its format — the leaders were to speak as of the tete-a-tete and in an extended format with participation of members of delegations.

However, on the eve of the summit, before flying to Argentina, trump decided from negotiations to give up. The reason — «ships and sailors returned to Ukraine from Russia.» «I look forward to a meaningful summit again as soon as the situation will be resolved!» — this condition is presented by the American President.

Argentina will host the summit of G20 leaders© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in photomontages, murder and war. What preceded the summit of «Big twenty»on Sunday, three ships of naval forces of Ukraine «Berdyansk», «Nikopol» and «Yana Kapu» — violated the border of Russia, included in the temporarily closed waters of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation and moved from the Black sea to Kerch Strait. They maneuvered in a dangerous manner, did not obey the lawful demands of the Russian authorities, and was arrested.

Putin called the incident in the Kerch Strait provocation, noting that among the crew members of Ukrainian vessels violating border of the Russian Federation, were two employees of the security Service of Ukraine, who actually led the operation. The Russian President stressed that Russian border guards had performed their functions for the protection of the state border.

What is beyond doubt is in the meeting of Putin with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe for the second time in a month. On the agenda — a peace Treaty, the negotiations on the conclusion of which was finally moved from the dead point in September. Then the Russian President, speaking in Vladivostok at the Eastern economic forum, proposed to sign this document before the end of the year, without preconditions. However, the signing of the peace agreement on the sidelines of the forum in Buenos Aires still is not worth waiting.

Argentina will host the summit of G20 leaders© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotomontagen intends to discuss with trump on the sidelines of the G20 summit, the situation in Mambajao to respondents RIA Novosti news Agency experts, is a long negotiation process, because it is devoted to the problem, the solution of which could not find 70 years. The heads of state probably will «synchronize watches» and prepare the ground for future negotiations. The next time the two leaders meet in January — in Russia, and then in June in Japan at the next G20 summit.

The interest of the observers at the negotiations in the framework of the «group of twenty» and the program causes the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, who was the first among the heads of delegation of the «twenty» has arrived in Buenos Aires on Wednesday. The actual head of the Kingdom will meet face-to-face with the heads of the largest economies in the world for the first time after the murder of journalist Jamal Galucci, the circumstances of which remain very vague. A number of countries suspect the crown Prince that the order to kill the reporter gave it, however, no evidence of this.

One of the main intrigue — will shake hands if the Saudi Prince Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On a personal meeting with crown Prince said at the White house, although previously trump emphasized the absence of an intention to sever ties with middle Eastern monarchy. In any case, confirmed the meeting between the heir to the Saudi throne with Vladimir Putin. And it is certainly not the last of their negotiations in the coming months: currently there is a preparation of Russian President’s visit to Saudi Arabia.