In Crimea, commented on the ban of Kiev to cross the border

© AP Photo / Petro ZadorozhnyyУкраинский military checkpoint. Archival photoIn Crimea, commented on the ban of Kiev to cross the border© AP Photo / Petro Zadorozhnyy

Attempts Kiev authorities to block the visits of foreigners in the Crimea is doomed to failure, as many of them have long ride on the Peninsula by Russia, said RIA Novosti the head of Committee of the Crimean Parliament for interethnic relations Yuri HEMPEL.

Previously on the website of the border service of Ukraine has published a statement of the first Deputy of the head of Department Vasily Serwatka, which stated that in connection with the imposition of martial law because of an incident in the Black sea with the ships of naval forces of Ukraine, which violated the state border of the Russian Federation, the border with the Crimea can be crossed exclusively by Ukrainian documents.

«First, it is a flagrant and cynical violation of human rights. Secondly, foreigners have long ride to the Russian Crimea through Russia. All attempts of neighboring States to block foreign visits are doomed to failure. From this new tricks of the Kiev authorities the number of foreigners in the Crimea will not be reduced,» — said RIA Novosti HEMPEL.

According to him, the Kyiv authorities deliberately prevent the visits of foreigners in the Crimea, as they fear that disadvantageous to them the truth about the events on the Peninsula, the conscious choice of the Crimean people to live together with Russia, as well as the unprecedented pace of development of the region will become known to a wide international public.

Thursday after the incident in the Black sea, further exacerbating relations between Kiev and Moscow came into force the law on the introduction of martial law in ten regions of Ukraine, and internal waters of the Azov-Kerch water area for 30 days. This mode provides the possibility of temporary restriction of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, including the right to participate in elections, to freedom of thought and speech.

In Crimea, commented on the ban of Kiev to cross the border© RIA Novosti, Infografiken the situation in Ukraine