In Dubna began to collect American accelerators for radiation therapy

© Photo : press service of the SEZ «Dubna»Special economic zone (SEZ) Dubna. Archive photoIn Dubna began to collect American accelerators for radiation therapy© Photo : press service of the SEZ «Dubna»

Linear accelerators for radiation therapy of cancer began collecting on the technology of the American company Varian in Dubna near Moscow, told RIA Novosti, the owner of the company «Factory of radiotherapy equipment,» and the Chairman of the Board «R-Pharm» Alexey Repik.

«We have completed the construction of the plant in Dubna, run it. If we are talking about the Assembly Varian, about the radiation boosters have now started to collect them already. Localization in Russia has led to greater product competitiveness, it is economically more efficient than building in the United States,» he said.

As noted Repik, at the site in Dubna there is also the possibility of Assembly and medical equipment Fujifilm. In December 2016, «R-farm» signed with the Japanese Corporation agreement on the formation of wide partnerships that, in particular, provided for the possible localisation of production and the creation of a joint venture. However, according to Repik, plans for the Assembly of medical equipment Fujifilm in Russia for the next two years there.

Today, «R-Pharm» carries out function of representation of Fujifilm corporation in Russia. «We believe that the quality that provides the Japanese Assembly that fully meets the request of the Russian health system. The main thing for us is to have the appropriate kind of competence. In the case that it is economically feasible, the transfer is possible», — said the Chairman of the Board «R-Pharm».

If the plans state «on upgrading medical infrastructure» will implement the stated rate and will affect those niches, in which there is Fujifilm, the localization of almost any of the products of the Corporation will be to provide in the course of the year, added Mr. Repik. «Import substitution is not our objective, our objective is the creation of products, the output of which foreign markets will be testimony to its competitiveness,» — he stressed.

According to «BIR Analitik», 24,98% of the company «Factory of radiotherapy equipment» is owned by its General Director Andrei Popov, 75,02% — «R-farm ventures», which, in turn, own «R-Pharm international» (99%), Alexey Repik (1%).