In Novoaltaisk ADZ, a fourth resident

© Flickr / Pavel KazachkovАлтайский edge. Archival photoIn Novoaltaisk ADZ, a fourth resident© Flickr / Pavel Kazachkov

The fourth resident of the territory of advancing socio-economic development (TOSER) in Novoaltaysk was the company «Tremani», which plans to produce packaged coffee and peanut butter, the press service of the government of the Altai territory.

The request of the company for inclusion in the Federal registry of residents of TOSER on November 28 approved by the Ministry of economic development of Russia, the report said.

The company intends to invest in the project about 30 million and create at least 25 new jobs. Technical production startup is expected in December this year, said the press service.

In the Altai Krai with the participation of the regional government in March 2018 was created by two ADZ — Dzerzhinsk and Zarinsk. In the first in addition to «Tramon» entered «the intercession cheese factory» with an investment in the amount of 165 million rubles. In Zarinskaya AASED two resident: «Russian leather» with the project on the construction of the tannery with a total value of more than 2 billion rubles, and «Siberian plywood mill» with an investment of 73 million rubles.

Residents of TOSER get a number of benefits: reduced rate of income tax (5% for five years from the date of receipt of the first profit), exemption from tax on property of organizations and land tax for five years, as well as reduced rates of insurance contributions), said the Ministry of economic development in Altai region.