In the Ivanovo region in 2019 earns industry development Fund

© RIA Novosti / Maria to Liberalmarathi photolanguage in Russia. IvanovoIn the Ivanovo region in 2019 earns industry development Fund© RIA Novosti / Maria to Liberalmarathi the image Bank

. In the Ivanovo region in the first half of 2019, will earn a regional industry development Fund, which will assist in the implementation of business projects, mainly in small and medium enterprises, said the Governor of the Ivanovo region Stanislav Voskresenskiy, at the plenary debate held in Ivanovo V all-Russian forum of light industry.

«Starting from March 1 next year, in the Ivanovo region will start the regional industry development Fund. Its main activity will be linked to projects, in particular, do not fit the criteria for support, the Federal Fund for the development of the industry,» said Voskresensky.

According to him, «the regional Fund will support mainly focused on small and medium businesses.»

The Governor recalled that in the field continue to apply the preferential rate for tax on profit regional textile companies. Today in Ivanovo region produces about 85% of Russian cotton production, employs about 270 enterprises, employing over 30 thousand people. «The region is waiting for investors for a fruitful cooperation,» — said Voskresensky.

As one of the success criteria for the development of light industry in the future the head of region has identified the training of qualified personnel capable to work on modern, modernized enterprises. «As for the personnel, today there is an active work on reconstruction of activities of the Ivanovo Polytechnic University. Within the area we plan to open a centre for employment, which will go to work on the preparation and employment of workers with advanced knowledge working in the industry,» he explained.

Voskresensky added that it is equally important to learn how to promote textile products in the Russian and foreign markets, which in turn will attract new investment and create additional jobs.

V all-Russian forum of light industry, organized with the support of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, held in Ivanovo on November 29-30. In its work participate representatives of Federal and regional authorities, leading enterprises, financial and banking institutions, as well as analysts and experts.