In the US pilots are concerned about possible technical problems with the Boeing 737 MAX

CC BY 2.0 / M. Zhu / 8Самолет 737 MAX the Boeing 737 Max. Archival photoIn the US pilots are concerned about possible technical problems with the Boeing 737 MAXCC BY 2.0 / M. Zhu / 737 MAX 8

The pilots Union pilots of American Airlines are concerned about the possible technical problems after the crash of the Boeing 737 MAX in Indonesia and consult on this topic with the manufacturer of the aircraft stated in the APA Union.

Professional organization, APA has about 15 thousands of pilots American Airlines — the world’s largest in terms of fleet size, turnover, profits and number of passengers.

Union President Mike Michaelis and his deputies met this week with representatives of Boeing in Fort worth, Texas. «Captain Michaelis reported on the serious concerns of our pilots on the issues raised by the crash of the 737 MAX airplane of the airline Lion Air and a subsequent investigation», — stated in the message of APA.

Pilots discussed with representatives of the airlines of various aspects of the new model 737 MAX in particular software that could trigger a correction system maneuvering (MCAS).

According to Reuters, Boeing for 6-8 weeks can produce addition to the software model 737 MAX to prevent disaster scenarios similar to Indonesian. The manufacturer certifies that the updated instructions after the incident and that the 737 MAX planes are safe to fly. The portfolio of orders Boeing this model has 4,5 thousand aircraft with a total catalog value of up to $ 500 billion.

Earlier it became known that the plane crash Lion Air on October 29 could be caused by actuation of the correction system, which is designed to prevent stalling of the aircraft — a dangerous situation with a sharp decrease, which can go into a tailspin. As shown by black boxes, the pilots more than 20 times trying to correct the system, but they failed.

Using the MCAS system on the 737 MAX is different from previous models. The investigation concluded that incorrect operation of the sensor, which analyzes the angle of attack of the wing of the aircraft and warns of a possible loss of lift and stall. In the opinion of the Commission of inquiry, non-standard working sensor was fed to a computer system of the aircraft about the signal drop in airspeed, after which the automation lowered the nose of the aircraft, starting the maneuver necessary to raise the air speed in order to avoid «stalling» of the liner into a tailspin. The real air speed of the aircraft remained calculated, the report said.

The Boeing 737 MAX performing at the end of October, the flight from Jakarta to one of the Indonesian Islands, crashed 13 minutes after take-off. All 189 people on Board were killed. Preliminary report of the investigative Commission of the national Committee for transportation safety Indonesia plane crash budget airline Lion Air crashed into the sea off the coast of West Java, was released on Wednesday.