Merkel continued the flight to the G20 summit in Argentina

© REUTERS / Thilo SchmuelgenСамолет German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the airport in Cologne. 29 Nov 2018Merkel continued the flight to the G20 summit in Argentina© REUTERS / Thilo Schmuelgen

German Chancellor Angela Merkel continued the flight to the summit of «twenty» in Argentina, it will arrive in Buenos Aires on Friday evening, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Cabinet of Germany.

«Currently, the Chancellor is in Madrid, it will arrive in Buenos Aires after about 13 hours, or evening,» — said the representative office.

According to him, Merkel and Vice-Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz are in transit in Madrid, they will proceed to Argentina normal flight.

In turn, the representative of the airline Iberia, which flight was supposed to leave Merkel, told RIA Novosti that the Board departed on schedule.

Previously, the DPA news Agency reported that the plane of the German Chancellor made an emergency landing in Cologne on the way to the summit of «twenty» in Buenos Aires due to a technical fault. About an hour after the start of the flight the machine turned over the Netherlands and landed in Cologne, where the Chancellor had to transfer to a backup plane. However, he was not prepared. According to TV channel n-tv Merkel spent the night telephone conversation with Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen, as her Department is engaged in maintenance of government fleet. Criminal trace among the possible reasons for the failure of the liner excluded Merkel, said the German defense Ministry.