Merkel missed out on the first day of the G20 summit

© AFP 2018 / Kay NietfeldКанцлер of Germany Angela Merkel. Archival photoMerkel missed out on the first day of the G20 summit© 2018 AFP / Kay Nietfeld

BUENOS AIRES, 30 Nov — RIA Novosti. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose plane made an emergency landing on the way to Buenos Aires, will miss the first day of the G20 summit, reports Argentine news portal Infobae.

«Angela Merkel is delaying a trip to Argentina and will miss the first day of the G20, in which she planned bilateral meeting (President of Argentina) Mauricio Macri», — said portal.

According to the publication Focus, Merkel will travel to the capital of Argentina on Friday morning. Current night she will spend in hotel in Cologne, and the morning of the Chancellor, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz and other members of the delegation will travel to Madrid, from where scheduled flights will fly to Buenos Aires.

A forced landing in Cologne

Previously, the dpa news Agency reported that the plane of German Chancellor Angela Merkel made an emergency landing in Cologne on the way to the summit of «twenty» in Buenos Aires.

«Due to a technical malfunction of the Chancery Airbus «Konrad Adenauer» Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to interrupt its flight from Berlin to the G20 summit on Thursday evening,» — said the Agency.

According to dpa, about an hour after the start of the flight the machine turned over the Netherlands and landed in Cologne, where the Chancellor needs to transfer to the spare aircraft.

The G20 summit in Argentina

The G20 summit in Buenos Aires with the participation of world leaders scheduled for 30 November and 1 December. Announced the presidency of the group, Argentina the theme of the summit — trade, digital economy, climate change, sustainable development, gender equality.

It was expected that Merkel will hold on the sidelines of a series of bilateral meetings, including talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As reported earlier, the German Chancellor, in the topics that were included in the agenda of the German presidency in the G20 last year, there has been progress. In particular, the fight against pandemics, support women entrepreneurs and investment in the development of Africa. The theme of digitalization in public life and labour relations was developed in the framework of the Argentine presidency, said Merkel.