«On our birch trees, they do not care!» Why the residents of Zvenigorod protesting against the merger with Odintsovo

© Photo : Ilya Italiatour front of the building in city Zvenigorod«On our birch trees, they do not care!» Why the residents of Zvenigorod protesting against the merger with Odintsovo© Photo : Ilya Pitalev

Log home restorer Alexey Melnichenko stands right in the centre of Zvenigorod. From the Windows, decorated with carved architraves, overlooking the Linden, under one of which liked to drink goat’s milk to the young Czechs. The house has got Melnichenko inherited from his great-grandfather-a male nurse — he worked in a hospital with a future writer. I can admire this view grandchildren restorer, is unclear.

The twenty-ninth of November, it was decided to merge Zvenigorod, Odintsovo and the surrounding rural settlement in a single urban region, although at a public hearing many Zvenigorodsky was strongly opposed. People believe that along with the Union come to town high-rise construction, the increase in utility tariffs and the second shift in schools. Power parry: due to the accumulated budget and the more affluent neighbors can pull the town is bankrupt from the debt trap. In the day of the public hearings, the correspondent of RIA Novosti went to Zvenigorod to know the arguments of opponents and supporters of enlargement.

«Houses burn like candles»

The building of the Arena is almost at the entrance to Zvenigorod. Under a thick layer of Soviet plaster masonry is almost not visible, arched Windows bricked up, but the arena — the oldest stone civil building in the city. Now it is restored, later it will be a Museum. But if not for local activists and members in these walls would long ago have settled down another sushi bar or store.

Three years ago, the mansion was put up for auction under the program «a rouble for a meter». This old Outpost of Zvenigorod activists fought for a long time. At the end still preserved the inscription in spray paint: «There will still be a Museum!».

It happened long ago, back in 2009. However, no cottage here is not built. Again — thanks largely to local MPs and the activists who fight for these lands. And even managed to return a part of sold territories the status of agricultural land.

«Residents rightly fear accelerated urbanization, which could begin after the unification within the city of Zvenigorod and the surrounding territories of rural settlements, — says Deputy Chairman of the Central Council of Voopiik Eugene Neighbors. — In case of occurrence in a single urban region rural areas lose their status and become part of the unified education. If before their territories were limit-rise buildings — up to three stories high, in the urban formations haven’t.»

«Zvenigorod — subsidized city where traditionally do not have enough budget to solve the accumulated problems. You have virtually no city property remained urban land, requires significant investments in system of housing and communal services. Here grab (the opponents of unification is called the process as «raider seizure». — Approx. ed.)? Ten rickety tents of the last century?»

This phrase was clearly unnecessary. The speaker immediately booed and asked to leave the scene.

In addition, continue to officials, the implemented changes have led to «maintain the unity of the development of road transport infrastructure and the optimisation of the route network of municipal passenger transport, to provide all residents the opportunity of using the services of social facilities of the merged municipality (health, education, early childhood education)».

With regard to the development of the historical center, the fears of local residents about this, according to the press service of the unjust: «Taking into account the preservation of all settlements located within the borders of Odintsovsky municipal district and the urban district Zvenigorod, their status after the formation on the territory of the city district, the reasons for the increase in height and density will not occur».

© Photo : Ilya Pitalovlozheny house in Zvenigorod«On our birch trees, they do not care!» Why the residents of Zvenigorod protesting against the merger with Odintsovo© Photo : Ilya Pitalovlozheny house in Zvenigorod

However, Treasury officials phrase fade after the speech, mother of many children. She is raising eight children, including one disabled child. «Now we and so many references have to travel to Odintsovo. After combining all instances, I’m sure I’ll move there. We’ll have to wander by them several times a week. In the queue for housing for large Zvenigorod will be the last in the queue for plots too. We will make second-class citizens when «big brother» — Odintsovo! We are opposed, and the President demanded to listen to the people…»